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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-introducción web miami

After the first edition of Future Cities, Deeply Human in London, the University of Navarra moved to Miami to continue the reflection on the role of the university institution in today's world and, specifically, what the University of Navarra can contribute to the challenges of the contemporary world through its main lines of research present in the Strategy 2025

alumnifamilies of current students and friends took part in a workshop multidisciplinary where all these issues were addressed by researchers and experts from the University and other invited guests.

Learn more about workshop on this website.

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Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Miraburu

María Iraburu

(BIO'87 | PhD'92)
president and professor at the University

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES AST

Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero

(COM'84 | PhD'88)
Full Professor of the University and former President of the University

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES RPiñero

Ricardo Piñero

Full Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts. Director del high school Core Curriculum

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AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES AFernandezMontero

Alejandro Fernández Montero

(MED'02 | PhD'13)
Professor at School of Medicine, University of Navarra, Spain

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Csádaba

Charo Sádaba

(COM'95 | PhD'99)
Dean of the School of Communication

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES IgnacioFerrero

Ignacio Ferrero

(FIA'91 | ECO'92 | PhD'00)
Dean from School of Economics

Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Ana Sánchez Ostiz

Ana Sánchez-Ostiz

(ARQ'85 | PhD'93)
Director of the Master's Degree in design and management Environmental Buildings 2011-2022

AMeeting 23 -Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Carlos Naya

Carlos Naya

(ARQ'89 | PhD'96)
Director of the School of Architecture

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Fredy Massad

Fredy Massad

Architectural critic of the ABC newspaper and publisher of the book "Experiencia".

Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES pedro mir

Pedro spanish medical residency program

Professor at ISEM Fashion Business School

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES saul loz

Saul Lopez Silva

Partner Success Manager at

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES beatriz pascual

Beatriz Pascual

Co-founder of Menina Steps

Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Padula

Carlos E. Padula

Managing Partner and CEO at Stelac Advisory Services

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES JA Palma

José-Alberto Palma 

(MED'07 | PhD'13)
Research Professor, Department of Neurology at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-PONENTES Monica Vazquez

Mónica Vázquez

General Manager, ABANCA USA

AMeetings 23 - Miami - botón programa - web miami

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

AMeeting 23-Miami-contenido-básico-organiza-patrocina - web miami

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Aplicaciones anidadas

Alumni Meetings 23 - contenidowebbasico-queson web miami


A space for training, relationship and meeting and inspiration for alumni, family and friends of the University of Navarra. Through conversations with personalities from different areas, we seek to provide keys on how to impact and influence society in a positive way.

In 2023, the Alumni Meetings address the main lines of research that the University of Navarra has highlighted in its Strategy 2025, which is degree scroll "University and Sustainability. Caring for people and the environment". The cities where these meetings have already taken place have been: Pamplona, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Boston and Miami.

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Future cities deeply human
Alumni Meeting London - June 2022

More than 130 people attend the Alumni Meeting in London to reflect on what the cities of the future will look like.

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"I don't know if there will be a Planet B, but we have to take care of the one we have."
Javier Goyeneche | June 2022

The founder of Ecoalf came to campus in Madrid for his session "The strength of a purpose" at the Alumni Meeting Madrid.

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Alumni Meeting Bilbao - May 2022

The director of the Fine Arts Museum, Miguel Zugaza, and the architect and professor Luis María Uriarte, gave a lecture about the project extension of the museum "Agravitas".

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"There are millions of small decisions that make our way of living different today."
Pablo Foncillas | April 2022

More than 300 alumni and friends of the University participated last Thursday in the Alumni Meeting Barcelona.

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"We cannot allow a sick person to want to die because they feel it is an unbearable burden."
Juan Carlos Unzué | March 2022

The former goalkeeper and coach participated in a meeting with 400 graduates of the University in which he spoke to them about ALS.

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"When you operate, you don't just give them back their sight, you give them back their life".
Elena Berraquer | June 2019

Dr. Elena Barraquer, from the Barraquer Clinic and president of the Foundation that bears her name, participated in the second Alumni Meeting Catalunya.

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"Surround yourself with excellent people and overcome imposter syndrome".
Eva Ascarza & Marian Rojas | December 2019

More than 80 alumnigathered at the Manhattan headquarters for a dialogue between Marian Rojas (MED'07), a medical graduate, and Eva Ascarza (MEF'04), a graduate of Master's Degreein Economics and Finance.

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"You have to keep going to achieve your dreams".
Stanley Motta | July 2019

The businessman and philanthropist, Stanley Motta, participated in the first Alumni Meeting Panama. This was a conversation between the businessman and Presidentof the University, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.

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Challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Ecuador
María Gloria Alarcón & Caterina Costa | October 2019

Guayaquil gathers its alumni in a conversation between María Gloria Alarcón, businesswoman, former president of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce and Honorary Consul of Germany and Finland, and Caterina Costa de García, president of the Guayaquil Chamber of Industries.



"Technical and humanistic integration is a must" in the health sector".
Valentín Fuster | April 2018

More than 60 people gathered at the New York headquarters of the academic centre for attendfor a conversation between the cardiologist Valentín Fuster and the University's President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.

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"A professional's knowledge adds up, but attitude multiplies".
Jaume Giró | May 2018

The then general director of the 'la Caixa' Banking Foundation participated in a colloquium in Barcelona with the President of the University, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero.

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Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero: "In this crisis we need many friends to face great challenges".
Alumni Virtual Meeting - May 2020

The alumnimeet with the Presidentand the president of Alumni, Inés García Paine, in a virtual meetingon the keys and challenges of today's status.

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"Art and science are a good combination; both serve society."
Antonio Lopez | September 2018

A colloquium between the painter and the Vice President of the University María Iraburu centers the act of presentation to the alumni of the new building of postgraduate program in Madrid.

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Aplicaciones anidadas