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Javier Goyeneche: "I don't know if there will be a planet B, but we have to take care of the one we have".

15 | 06 | 2022

The Alumni building at campus in Madrid once again hosted an 'Alumni Meeting', which was attended by over 500 people and featured the session "The strength of a purpose" given by Javier Goyeneche, founder and CEO of the sustainable fashion business . Ecoalf

The event began with a speech by Inés García Paine, President of Alumni of the University of Navarra, andÁngel J. Gómez-Montoro, director of campus in Madrid, who welcomed all the attendees. In this presentation, they explained some of the novelties of the University and invited to participate in the numerous opportunities that it offers.  

Once the presentations had been made, Isabel Ramis, president of the board Alumni of Madrid, was in charge of moderating colloquium withJavier Goyeneche, founder of Ecoalf, who was quick to highlight the role of universities in society: "Universities contribute a great deal to the world of research business . As far as we are concerned, it goes hand in hand. What we are doing would not be possible without technology and research. I wish there was more investment in research in Spain". 

In his speech, Goyeneche spoke of coherence, principles and values and explained the importance of purpose as challenge for companies: "It is true that being sustainable is very complicated. But there is a new generation that is coming to demonstrate that it is possible to be profitable and at the same time respectful of the environment. The core topic is not in what you do but in how you do it, that makes you different". 

Goyeneche also had words of encouragement for those who are starting up or intend to start up. "What is needed is to be disruptive, very brave, people who think differently. The world needs companies, people, who want to show that doing things in a different and profitable way is possible". 

In addition, the founder and CEO of Ecoalf reminded that the most sustainable thing to do is not to continue using the planet's natural resources indiscriminately, stressing the need for a change of model. "There is an excess of consumption in which quantity is prioritised over quality. We must change this, because it has a great impact on the environment, we must change the economic model or it will explode" and he reinforced his idea of fashion coming from recycling with the same quality and design as the best non-recycled products.

Welcome to Alumni

The meeting 'Alumni Meeting' also served to give a warm Alumni welcome to the Master's studentswho this year finish their programs of study from postgraduate program at campus in Madrid. A total of 17 programmes are currently offered at Master's Degree. All these programmes are taught in the Alumni building, a space where specialities from different areas of university knowledge meet and where students can experiment, learn and grow staff and professionally. 

The event ended with a cocktail, enlivened by the music band group "Dos Maderas", in which Alejandro Villafranca, student of the Master's Degree Real Estate School of Architecture sang. A relaxed meeting moment in which many alumni took the opportunity to meet again after these two years without being able to celebrate the 'Alumni meeting'. 


Photo gallery of the event