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The University brings together in Miami experts on the social impact and challenges of higher education centers Education

This is the first Alumni Meeting organized by the academic center in the United States.

FotoYenHernandez/More than a hundred people participated in the first Alumni Meeting More than a hundred people participated in the first Alumni Meeting of the University of Navarra in the United States.

19 | 06 | 2023

What can the University contribute to the challenges of the contemporary world? Under the degree scroll, "Future Cities, Deeply Human. Ideas that transform the way we live and work", experts from the world of health, communication, Economics, fashion, architecture and design gathered in Miami to discuss this topic topic. More than a hundred people attended the first edition of the Alumni Meeting organized by the University of Navarra in the United States.

The president, María Iraburu, opened the workshop with the discussion paper "The University of Navarra: a project with social impact". "This University owes itself to its students, but dreams it with its alumni. We want it to be a place of passage so that students, when they return to their places of origin, take the University with them," she emphasized.

For his part, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Full Professor of Communication and expert in corporate governance and reputation, spoke on "What should an institution do to have a relevant impact on society?". The professor, who has recently published Gobierno de Universidades. Challenges, models and strategies, explained that there are companies with interest, and companies with purpose: "We give the best of ourselves when in the place where we work there is passion for the mission statement that moves us, the purpose", he assured.

Trends 2023: misinformation, artificial intelligence and healthcare

Entitled "Trends 2023, what role does the University play in the face of them", the program included a panel where disinformation and trust; artificial intelligence; and post-pandemic health and medicine were discussed. The workshop was attended by Ricardo Piñero, Full Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts; Charo Sádaba, dean of the School of Communication; Ignacio Ferrero, professor of the School of Economics; Alejandro Fernández-Montero, expert in preventive medicine and health promotion; and Pedro spanish medical residency program, specialist in Consumer Behavior and Brand Management. 

Professor Ricardo Piñero recommended "going deeper into what inspires us, what we want to invest our capacities in. Because that is what a university does: generate knowledge to face the big questions". Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), Professor Ignacio Ferrero said that the great challenge that it presents us with is "the substitution of the person, since we are leaving some human characteristics along the way that AI does not incorporate. Prudence and emotional capacity, which is not in its decision making".

The event included the presentation of the book "Experience", edited on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Master's Degree in design and management Environmental Building School of Architecture. In addition, ISEM, a business school specialized in fashion companies, organized the session: "Career path in the fashion industry: from passion to profession".

Gallery of the event

Alumni Meeting Miami (06/17/23)