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Personal Funds

Personal archives are one of the most valuable sources for historical research . For this reason, the University of Navarra, as an institution committed to quality research , takes care of the custody, organization and dissemination of all the donations it receives.

The goal of these collections is to put them at the service of researchers of different chronologies and varied themes, hence the plurality of these collections.

List of funds

This web site is constantly updated with the list of Personal Collections of the University of Navarra. In order to enhance its dissemination, it is also possible to access to the different instruments of description made with each of these funds.

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List of Personal Funds in the process of being organized

List of Personal Funds in the process of being organized

  • Áriz Armendáriz, Domingo (unclassified)

  • Ariza Soler, Family (in process of organization)

  • Carvajal Ferrer, Javier (in process of being organized)

  • Durán Miranda, Armando (in process of organization)

  • Gamazo Manglano, José Mª (in the process of being organized)

  • Garraus Miqueo, Francisco Javier (in process of organization)

  • Illanes Maestre, José Luis (in process of organization)

  • Lahuerta Vargas, Javier (unclassified)

  • Moya Blanco, Luis (in process of organization)

  • Orlandis Rovira, José (in process of organization)

  • Ortiz de Landázuri, Eduardo (in process of organization)

  • Redón, Fernando (in process of organization)

  • Valiente, José Mª (in process of organization)