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The rebirth in digital life

Las HumanitiesVs. Wikipedia. Lucas Garmendia, studentof Degree in History at Schoolof Philosophyy Letras, stresses the importance of studying Humanitiesto learn how to "look" at art.

The rebirth in digital life

On Thursday 21 January, the newspaper La Vanguardia shared on its social networks that a street artist had painted a graffiti entitled "The Three Graces", inspired by the Italian Renaissance painter Raphael Raphael. The Three Vaccinesinspired by or taking as an example the painting by the Italian renaissance painter Raphael The Three Graces.

I immediately shared the post, proud of my knowledge, on my account with this sentence "This is from the Renaissance. This is what my degree programis for". 

However, I now realise that anyone can know what I know about this work by simply going to their computer, typing in degree scrolland the author of the work, and entering the new tree of wisdom; also known as Wikipedia. Yes, this website offers us the possibility of getting to know the most important works of humanity without leaving home, without queuing in museums (which are becoming less and less...). Seen in this light, it's all advantages, isn't it?

Well, I am sorry to say no. And it is a resounding no. The knowledge that Wikipedia offers us is a superficial, somewhat empty knowledge. Some of you may ask, how can it be an empty knowledge, if all the information is there? Well, if I may be so bold, you learn wrongly. Art has to be experienced, and to experience it you have to see it. But to really see it, when you are in front of the work. 

Every day we are more and more immersed in a society that thinks it has everything at the click of a mouse or a Google search (typing on a computer is also archaic, like going to the museum). A society that is cooling off and that discredits sciences such as the humanities or devalues them with phrases such as "Four years of degree programso that everything is on Wikipedia, what a sucker you are" or, my favourite, "And then, what are you going to live off of?

I, against the tide of society, proudly tell them that my degree program, and humanities in general, help us to understand people better and that our degree program financial aid helps us to relate to others, as we need to feel others. 

And in terms of art, observing a work of art in front of it, in a museum, stopping to reflect on the raison d'être of the work, on what it conveys (and not only feelings, but also the intellectual message behind it). To really experience art, it is necessary to physically visit it in order to understand everything that is hidden in this artistic jewel that we still value today and that was painted five centuries ago. And where better to carry out this reflective process than in the home of the work, in the museum. 

As a professor at this university said before his exam, "Art is feeling, passion and life". And this is something we must never forget.

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