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What is the Archaeology Club?

The Archaeology Club is an initiative of the department of History, History of Art and Geography of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University to dynamise the programs of study on the ancient world in general and archaeological culture in particular at the University of Navarra by offering a participative, welcoming, open and inter-facultative training space for students who share a passion: Antiquity and the recovery of its material culture through Archaeology.

What is the aim of the Archaeology Club?

The Archaeology Club aims to promote interest in ancient societies among students at the University of Navarra, regardless of the degree program they are studying, by creating spaces for discussion and discussion about this fascinating scientific discipline , its history, its future and its current challenges.

The Archaeology Club seeks, therefore, through its activities, to help students at the University to broaden their horizons training, to consider dedication to the ancient world as part of their professional future and, in addition, to find in the Club a relaxed space for discussion on issues related to archaeological heritage that sometimes do not fit in the classroom and that, in addition, contribute to broadening the horizons of its participants' humanistic training .

Through discussions, talks, practical seminars, workshops, guided tours, excursions and anything else proposed by the participants, the Club will seek to promote a passion for Antiquity in university life and in the cultural offerings of the University, making the Club the vector that brings together the interests of the participants.

If you would like Prof. Javier Andreu, coordinator of the Club, to explain what the Archaeology Club is all about, you can click here here and listen to his own words in an interview broadcasted in November 2014 on 98.3, the University Radio.

Who can join the Archaeology Club?

Although some activities will be open to Navarrese society in general, the Archaeology Club is designed for any student who, whatever their level degree program, is curious about the sources from which we obtain information about ancient societies.



Javier Andreu Pintado


Javier Andreu Pintado

Ismael Sanchez Bella Building
Office 2080
department of History

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 42 56 00 | Ext: 802916


Degree in History + Diploma in Archaeology

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