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To be professor in more than 5000 centers in 150 countries. The practicum is carried out in accredited educational centers and their TFG is related to the approach of the PEP program.

Students will take a minimum of 150 courses ECTS credit, including compulsory and elective subjects; and will carry out their practicum in educational centers accredited to offer this program; and will elaborate their TFG on subjects related to the approach of the PEP program.



The certificate at teaching-Learning of the Primary School Programme (PYP) is based on the methodology and curriculum offered by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) high school diploma .

The International high school diploma International advocates a methodology based on and centred on the student as the driving force for learning, and moves away from the traditional way in which we know teaching. The curriculum structure is based on transdisciplinary planning, which encourages students to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their learning through enquiry into local and global real-life issues.

The organisation works with schools and universities around the world and more and more schools are joining the organisation and becoming part of its growing learning community. In Spain, 25 schools are already members of the organisation, and more and more are joining.

The certificate at teaching-Learning of the Primary School Programme is aimed at students studying the Degrees simple in Magisterio de Education Primary, and Magisterio de Education Infantil.

The International high school diploma International offers its teachers:

1) High quality professional development activities that foster critical thinking, reflection staff, and a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

2) Innovativeeducational frameworks, unit planners, pedagogical resources and tools from assessment .

3) A pedagogy renowned for producing students who are highly motivated to continue researching and learning, even after they have completed their primary and secondary programs of study .

4) Being part of a broad learning community that is constantly evolving, and allows for constant networking and synergies of partnership between different actors, such as educational centres and universities around the world.

In addition, the student who obtains this certificate offered by the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra, can be hired by the centres that offer it without the need to pass an initiation workshop, a requirement of the organisation to incorporate new talents to its purchasing centres.

The student who wishes to have this certificate must take one of the Degrees simple Education courses in Primary or Early Childhood Education; and take a minimum of 150 ECTS credit over the four years of the Degree, which are distributed between compulsory subjects, electives, practicum and TFG.

The student, will carry out its practicum in a national or international high school that offers the PEP programme.

Practicum International: Diploma IB.