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In addition to the teaching and research in the areas of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Genetics, he is also attached to the department of Biochemistry and Genetics staff which performs analytical tasks in both areas within the Clinical Biochemistry Service of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and CIMALAB Diagnostics.

It also maintains important resources for the area of Molecular Bioinformatics and Statistics.



Aplicaciones anidadas


- TICdb is a database that contains information on the sequence of breakpoints of reciprocal translocations in cancer. It has been created at department and is freely accessible.

- Oncofuse is a Bayesian classifier to identify fusion genes with the highest oncogenic potential ('drivers').



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The Biochemistry Clinical Service of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra is manager to carry out the biochemical analyses requested by the medical specialists of our centre.

It also intervenes in analytical procedures for the development of research projects of its own or in partnership with other services and specialists.

On a frequent and regular basis, the Service of Biochemistry carries out technical quality controls to guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment and the highest precision in the results obtained from the samples.




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CIMA goal LAB Diagnostics was created with the aim of integrating, optimising and promoting, with the highest level of quality and innovation, the different types of genetic and immunophenotypic diagnosis that were already being developed in different services of the University of Navarra.

This new structure goal aims to improve the quality of medical care by making the most advanced biomarkers available to medical professionals to support diagnosis and therapeutic decision-making for patients worldwide.

CIMA LAB Diagnostics consists of seven areas:

- Solid tumours and biomarkers
- Hereditary pathology
- Pharmacogenetics/other determinations
- Genetics haematology
- Cell separation
- programs of study immunophenotyping
- Biobank




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UNStat4Excel is a statistical application developed in the department of Biochemistry and Genetics of the School of Science, as project of innovation in education.

UNStat4Excel is an Excel-based application designed for teaching and learning statistics and as a complement to research.

Its ease of use, portability (no installation required) and high interactivity, together with the accuracy of the results demonstrated so far, make it very suitable for practices and non face-to-face work for students of both Degree and postgraduate program.

Moreover, due to its characteristics, it can be used as a preliminary analysistool , and to complement some statistical methods not included in packages such as SPSS.