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Objectives and competences

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Presentación - Objetivos y Competencias


The doctoral program in Economics and business aims to:

  • To train high-level specialists in the fields of Economics and business.

  • To train new researchers in the areas of Economics and business, and to familiarise students with the most relevant fields of research in these areas.

These qualifications enable PhD graduates from the Programme to join multidisciplinary research groups within the complex field of Economics and business, in Public and Private Organisations research, in Universities, etc. Likewise, new PhDs can work in a wide variety of fields in the business world: consultancy firms, investment banks, financial Departments of different companies, etc.



agreement In accordance with the provisions of article 5 of RD 99/2011, PhD student guarantees the acquisition by the student of the basic competences, personal skills and/or abilities and specific competences of the Programme.

List of competences (PDF) 

agreement The doctoral program in Economics and business, in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of RD 99/2011, guarantees the acquisition by the PhD student of basic competences, capacities and/or personal skills and, depending on the Line of Research in which their project of doctoral dissertation is framed, they must also acquire some of the specific competences associated with the development of the work in which the project Thesis of the PhD student is framed.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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