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Aplicaciones anidadas



Aplicaciones anidadas



Aplicaciones anidadas

Ayuda para participar en el Congreso Universitario Internacional UNIV

financial aid to participate in the congress International University UNIV


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Students from the University of Navarra who participate in FORUN will be eligible for a travel grant of €100 to present their paper at the congress International UNIV.

To obtain financial aid it is essential:

  1. Have gone to congress FORUN to present your written, video or artistic discussion paper .

  2. That your written, video or artistic discussion paper is entitled to 1 ECTS credit according to the evaluation made by your teacher and the committee Scientific. 

Aplicaciones anidadas


Those interested should send an email to Ana Cristina Garcés Martín( indicating: apply for the travel bag on the return of congress from Rome:

  • First name and surname

  • issue from National Identity Card or passport

  • issue from ID card student

  • issue of the current account where you want to receive the financial aid

  • Diploma scanned UNIV participation 

  • Diploma scanning of participation in FORUN with 1 ECTS credit 


Ana Cristina Garcés Martín

Ana Cristina Garcés Martín

Campus University s/n

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425 600


The deadline for apply for the financial aid will end one month after the closing of the congress UNIV, after this date no more grants will be awarded. 

The travel grant awarded by the organisers of congress FORUN is incompatible with other grants from the University of Navarra for the same purpose.