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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Activities/ conference

conference from business and Humanism

The conference of business and Humanism are short national meetings or dialogue tables that aim to foster the relationship between men from business, academics and professionals in general, on topics related to the objectives of high school. 


- workshop 53, IEH: Neo-illiberalism, Populism and Democracy. University of Navarra. workshop presencial. Madrid, May 9, 2022
presentationRicardo Martí-Fluxá (President, high school business y Humanismo)
lectureAviezer Tucker (Davis Center Associate, Harvard University)
moderatorJaume Aurell (Full Professor of Medieval History, University of Navarra)

- The value of work in today's society (download flyer). University of Navarra. workshop online. Pamplona, 11 January 2021
Speakers: Domènec Melé (IESE- University of Navarra) and Javier Mª Ramos (Perspectivas del work)
Moderator: Raquel Lázaro (IEH- University of Navarra).

- The corporate purpose as a driver of competitiveness (download Flyer). University of Navarra. workshop online. Pamplona, 18 November 2021.
Speakers: José Antonio Alfaro (University of Navarra), José Luis Aldaba (ISS Facility Services) and Álvaro Lleo (University of Navarra). Watch video

- How to implement the purpose to be more competitive (download Flyer). workshop . presencial. University of Navarra. Pamplona, 23 November 2021.
Speakers: Ignacio Ferrero (University of Navarra), Álvaro Lleo (University of Navarra), Juan Pablo place (Tigloo) and Javier Del Río (CEN).




The colloquia deal with issues related to fundamental dimensions of organisations and aim to encourage reflection on governance practices carried out with a broad and humanistic vision.


- Carlos Andreu. consultant of companies. 22 November 2021. University of Navarra. Pamplona

- Guido Stein. IESE Business School. 8 November 2021. University of Navarra. Pamplona

- Juan Ignacio Apoita. Director advisor Human Age Institute. 20 October 2021. University of Navarra. Pamplona

- Lourdes Goicoechea. Former Vice-President of the Government of Navarre-Independent Consultant. 20 September 2021. University of Navarra. Pamplona