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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Inspirational reading

It is an initiative that aims to purposecreate a community of students who seek out relevant readings from recent years for ideas that inspire both the business world and the academic and humanistic aspects in general.

It lasts about an hour in which we talk about what the author says (brief summary, main ideas, theories, examples, etc.), criticisms from the reader and a round of questions to conclude.

You can attend in person or virtually.

- A world without work by Daniel Susskind. Presented by Eduardo Herrera. University of Navarra. 5 April 2022. +INFO

- Range by David Epstein. Presented by Gil Vázquez. University of Navarra. 23 March 2022. +INFO

- Do Good at work by Bea Boccalandro. Presented by Felipe Mosquera. University of Navarra. 23 February 2022. +INFO

- The Transformation of the Modern Mind by Jonathan Haid and Greg Wkianoff . Presented by Jaime García . University of Navarra. 26 January 2022. +INFO

- Deep Work by Cal Newport. Presented by Ramón Uría. University of Navarra. 10 November 2021. +INFO

- The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. Presented by Alexia Tefel. University of Navarra. 13 October 2021. +INFO

- Flourishing as the Aim of Education by Kristjan Krist Jansson. Presented by Jerónimo Ayesta. University of Navarra. 22 September 2021. +INFO



The progress of ongoing researchprojects with a long-standing university tradition is presented. The aim of goalis to exchange ideas and generate international discussion. 

You can attend in person or virtually.

- Implementation of a humanist model in the financial system: influence of corporate governance. Marisol Terrazas. University of Navarra. 4 May 2022. +INFO

- The new generations and the management of people in organisations: a humanistic analysis. Francisco Vilaplana Sánchez. University of Navarra. 9 February 2022. +INFO

- Public policies and sustainability in Peru's infrastructure.Víctor López Aquino. University of Navarra. 24 November 2021. +INFO

- From mission command to purpose. Ignacio Cristobal. University of Navarr. 27 October 2021. +INFO

- How do you measure the environmental, social and economic sustainability of a project? The case of large infrastructures. José Enrique Arizón. University of Navarra. 27th September. +INFO