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business y Humanismo is an Institute of the University of Navarra which, with an interdisciplinary and humanistapproach , aims, through research and teaching, to contribute to solving the problems posed by the growing complexity of our society. Through Conferences, Seminars and Forums, especially - though not exclusively - those related to the way of integrating business and economic activity in civil society.

business y Humanismo is a pioneering institution of its kind. It was founded in 1986, at a time of crisis and at the dawn of a new social and economic configuration, when ideas and Structures showed their weakness to solve the great problems of our time.

In the academic year 2017-2018 the Institute business and Humanism was integrated in the School of Economics and Business Studies.


How do we seek dialogue?

It deploys a wide-ranging task of dialogue:

 It regularly organises activities and meetings between entrepreneurs, academics and professionals in different Spanish cities, at partnership with Forums and Associationswhere he suggests topics and speakers.

 Organised by Seminars of research InterdisciplinaryThe project is a joint initiative of academics and professionals from a wide range of fields.

 Through a wide range of publications -a scientific journal, a collection of notebooks, books and a periodical on new trends- high school offers the results of its research and the activities it organises.

 Convenes annually conference and national and international conferences.

 Delivers an official programme of Masters program and a Doctoral programs in Governance and Organisational Culture.


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