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With a student-faculty ratio of 2:1, students and professors can develop close and lasting relationships. The University of Navarra Law School's"open door" tradition at School encourages students to turn to their professors to ask questions, discuss work or seek advice on career goals.

The academic staff is made up of professional experts in the field of law. They come from the School Law School, IESE Business School and foreign universities, as well as from the State Tax Inspectorate, law firms, consultancies and legal advisors of leading companies. All of them are renowned experts in the subject they teach and are recognised in their professional field.

In order to ensure the coherence of the programme, as well as to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the praxis professor, all professors attend annually the School of Teaching Practice organised by the School Law School in collaboration with IESE Business School.

The result of this process of choosing and training teachers is a faculty that is excellent in every way.

Profesores e invitados

Teachers and guests

Álvaro Mendiola | Applied Rhetoric

Gerardo Cuesta | Praxis Tributaria e Impuesto de Sucesiones y Donaciones (Inheritance and Gift Tax)

Carlos Alonso de Velasco - Directorate of advisory service Legal Department of the Banco de España | Deontology and Liability of the Lawyer

Ignacio Fraile | Praxis Laboral

Lourdes López Cumbre | Praxis Laboral

Juan Luis López Cardenete | Strategy

Ángel Proaño | Strategy

Adela García de Tuñón | management of Meetings

Mercedes Ágreda : management of the time

Roberto Sánchez : Regulated Sectors

José María de Pablo : Profession of lawyer

Constanza Vergara : Negotiation

Ramón Vázquez del Rey | Praxis Contentious management assistant

Julio Muerza | Praxis Penal

Eduardo Ruiz de Erenchun : Praxis Penal

Ruth Breeze | International Legal English

Faustino Cordón : internship Forensic and Litigation; Civil Praxis and Arbitration

Eduardo Valpuesta : Praxis Mercantil

Ángel Ruiz de Apodaca | Praxis Contentious management assistant

Ramón Vilarroig

Jaime Alonso de Velasco - partner de la Peña y Asociados Lawyers : Deontology and Liability of the Lawyer

María Luisa Garayalde - consultant independent valuations business | Financial Management

Ángel Proaño - Director Finance and Director of development Corporate at LICO | Strategy

Miguel Ángel Pérez de la Manga - partner founder of Pérez Partners Consultants : management de Despachos

Carlos García León - founder and partner director of Legal Reputation : speech in law firms

Angel Zamora - partner de Zurbarán Abogados | Praxis Mercantil

Emma Ziercke - Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession (CLP) at Bucerius Law School | Leaderships in Law Firms & Practice Development

Jasmin Isphording - Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession (CLP) at Bucerius Law School | Leaderships in Law Firms & Practice Development

Javier Mourelo - Director of HR, Organisation and Legal Services at Vivanta, Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine :: Personnel Management Service