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Por qué: ¿Qué vas a aprender?

The Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Procurement is an official program whose goal is that the student acquires the necessary competences to obtain the degree scroll of lawyer, of agreement with the rules and regulations that regulates the access to the exercise of the profession.

In addition, in the time needed to obtain the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Procurement, you can obtain a second official degree scroll , a Master's Degree in Law of business, advisory service Fiscal or Digital Law, privileged areas of incorporation of young lawyers.

What will you learn?

If you study Master's Degree you will acquire knowledge of the different responsibilities linked to the exercise of professional activity; you will learn to apply procedures for determining, invoicing and collecting fees; you will become familiar with the organisational environment; and you will develop skills and abilities for choosing strategies in the defence of clients' interests. 

You will also be trained in the professional deontological rights and duties related to the legal profession, in the relationship with clients and other agents involved in the professional relationship, and you will know how to identify situations of conflicts of interest and the different responsibilities linked to the exercise of professional activity. You will also be trained in the use of the different techniques for the composition of interests and you will learn to find solutions to problems; to develop oral expression, teamwork and those skills that lead to greater efficiency in your work. 

On the other hand, the Master's Degree provides you with the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the Degree in Law to the changing reality and multidisciplinary of the practice of the profession in a internship and multidisciplinary manner. 

You will be able to work in...

Liberal professions (self-employed)

Lawyer, solicitor, advisor tax lawyer, property administrator, real estate agent, administrative manager, industrial property agents, commercial agents, passive class habilitados, customs agent and commission agent, etc.

Companies (employees)

I work in law firms, in legal consultancies of large companies, specialised marketing, Departments of human resources, employee of banking, employee of legal consultancies, consultancies, employee of trade unions, employee of NGOs, vacancies in International Organisations and Agencies, etc.


Called by the different Ministries, Autonomous Communities and local administrations, etc. For example, judicial career, tax career, lawyers of the Administration of Justice, state lawyers, notaries, property or mercantile registrars, labour and social security inspectors, state tax inspectors, entry to the diplomatic career, inspector of the national police corps, senior corps of state civil administrators, secretaries-interventors of the local administration, complementary military attached to the military legal corps, etc.).

And also...

You will attend an International Legal Week at IESE Business School in New York. The course programme goal aims to provide you with advanced knowledge on dispute resolution and international law firm management, taking the American market as a reference.

You will be able to gain first-hand knowledge of professional practice thanks to the internships included in Study program. They can be carried out in courts or tribunals, public prosecutors' offices, companies or professional law firms, Departments legal or human resources offices of public administrations, official institutions or companies.