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To take the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Procurement it is necessary to be graduate or graduate in Social and Legal Sciences*(Law, Administration and Management of business, Economics) or degree program equivalent and accredit a B2 level of language foreign sufficient to be able to face the Master's Degree.

*Students who do not have a law degree from degree scroll in Spain, must prove that they have previously obtained the homologation of this degree degree scroll.

This master's degree is for you if...

You present intellectual restlessness and sufficientdetermination that pushes you to development with the necessary tools to delve into the legal knowledge .

You demonstrate aptitude for argumentation and the ability to work, as well as skill to function in a team with enthusiasm and initiative.

Accreditation of academic activities or other qualifications related to the content of the Master's degree that candidate has previously undertaken will be positively valued.

Admission criteria

  • transcript academic*: 70%.

  • test written admission test: 20% (Legal test and test English)

  • Personal interview: 10% (CV, Motivation letter - written in the application form -, Letters of recommendation)

*Students in their final year of studies should submit transcript with certified grades at the time of application.

The purpose of the admission process is to achieve a homogeneous level in the promotion as a whole and to identify those candidates who are likely to take the most advantage of the academic programme.

Admission tests

The entrance exams do not require prior preparation and consist of the following:

Legal knowledge test

test of English

Personal interview

Legal knowledge test

test English (Grammar and Listening)

Personal interview

The following is the timetable of entrance exams available for the academic year 2021-2022. 

There will be 9 exam sessions at Admissions Office. The maximum capacity in each session is 60 students, with a total of 75 places being granted for the Double Master's Degree, distributed among 3 classes:

  • class I - specialization en Derecho de business - 25 places.

  • class II - specialization en Derecho de business - 25 places.

  • class III - specialization at advisory service Fiscal - 25 places.

Admision: desplegable convocatorias

The tests will take place in person at Campus in Madrid at C/ Marquesado de Sta. Marta, 3. They will start at 14h. and will last two hours.

  • 1st Call for applications: October 15, 2020

  • Round 2: 17 December 2020

  • 3rd Call: 14 January 2021

  • 4th Call: 18 February 2021

  • Round 5: 18 March 2021

  • Round 6: 22 April 2021

  • Round 7: 13 May 2021

  • Round 8: 17 June 2021

  • Round 9: 15 July 2021

The Master's Degree de Acceso a la Abogacía is a qualifyingMaster's Degree for Spain, which means that students who want to practise law in this country have to take it as a compulsory course. However, students who do not have a Spanish degree scroll must validate the degree scroll of their licentiate degree/Degree in order to be able to apply for this postgraduate program. This implies the validation of several subjects and the need to take new ones, which can take up to two years of paperwork.

International students are exempted from taking written tests, and their profilewill be assessed on the basis of the academic merits, interests and motivations accredited at applicationof Admissions Officeon-line, the realisation of a interview staff by Skype or other on-line means and their suitability for the requirements of the programme. In addition, they must accredit a minimum level of B2 in written and spoken Spanish knowledge. Likewise, no applications will be processed for Admissions Officefrom applicants with a gradeaverage of less than 8. 

The application for admission is completed online after registration on the intranet The personal interview will be held once the application for admission has been completed.

The resolution deadlines will coincide with the dates of the admission tests detailed in the previous section , and all applications that have been interviewed within each deadline will be resolved.

FAQs: Admision

What do I have to do to apply for place in the Master?

You can apply for admission at apply for from 1 October 2020 until the start of the corresponding master's degree course in 2021-2022.

To apply for the admission, it is first necessary to register at Portal MiUnav. Once inside the Portal, the candidate can apply for the admission and attach all the documentation required by the master's degree through the same form:

  • CV.

  • certificate Degree (official or certified): transcript academic*.

  • 2 letters of recommendation.

  • Motivation letter: it can be written in the application itself.

  • certificate for payment of €100 as a processing fee.

*Students in their final year of studies should submit transcript provisional with certified grades at the time of application.

The candidate will be asked to take a legal test and an English level test test and a personal interview will be conducted.

Admitted students must pay the first payment of the enrollment within the period established in the communication of the admission decision:

  • The amount is 3000 € (this amount will only be refundable if you have not passed the Degree/licentiate degree course you are studying).

  • Payment methods through Portal miUNAV.

Admitted students will formalise the enrollment on the dates indicated in the Admission communication.

  • National Students: They will take a test English level test.

  • International Students: Advanced or TOEFL 85 points*.

* Students from English-speaking countries are exempt.

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