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What will you learn?

The Master in Theory and Architectural Design (MtDA) will provide you with cutting-edge training in contemporary theoretical debates and a high level of design skills for promote architectural solutions aimed at solving the needs of society.

A postgraduate training programme that will enable you to:

- To develop your creative abilities by enhancing the values of originality contained in your own design heritage.

- Build a solid theoreticalspeech .

- Advance your academic position on relevant issues in contemporary architectural practice.

All of this in an environment of academic excellence in which you will be able to rethink in order to think better, achieving greater theoretical depth in your creative responses, and a better and more expressive way of doing things through the advanced practice of project.


Professional projection

The small number of participants favours a close relationship with the professors -professionals and teachers of international prestige- and with the other participants. This intense academic experience in an international and intercultural context generates a professional network of contacts that allows the graduates of the master's degree to enter the labour market under unbeatable conditions of competitiveness and efficiency.

The School of Architecture has an internship exchange so that interested students can carry out extracurricular internships. These internships are carried out in selected national and international architecture studios and take place during the summer following the master's degree.


The Master in Theory and Architectural Design (MtDA) is developed after a long experience around an existing programme at School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, the Master in Theory and Architectural Design (MDA), whose prestige has grown steadily since its launch in 2000.

Throughout its previous history, this training has produced excellent professionals with an impact in its various geographical areas who, in addition, have been mainly involved in teaching architectural projects.

Alumni: drop-down


  • Ana Babaya | Nicholas Lee Architecture

  • Juan Manuel Balsa


- Piazza della Scala

- Pavilion IX BIAU

  • Martín Armando Basigalup

  • Gabriel Darío Biagioni | Biagioni Pecorari Arquitectos | Senior Associate Professor at the Catholic University of Santa Fe


- House in the pine forest

- Building in Talcahuano Street

  • Geronimo Bolzan | Da.Bo Architects


- Global Iconic Building


- Fernandez House

Project selection:

- USP UDEM High School

- Brisas House


- Salón de usos múltiples, Balneario Municipal de Cafayate

- New Bus Terminal in Cafayate


- Nyds House

- Villa Gesell


- Single-family house

- conference room multipurpose

  • Lucía Cella: Estudio Cella


- La Angela House

- St. Anne's Chapel

- Florencia Magali Cisneros

  • Maritza Cortés

  • Juliana Damonte | Da.Bo Architects


- Global Iconic Building



- CaRaJo cavalries

- House IA


- Bugatti House

- House in La Laguna


- Dominguez House


- publishing house IMQ

- New AYSA corporate headquarters building


- publishing house IMQ

- New AYSA corporate headquarters building


- Hamlet Building

  • Santiago Lozano

  • Daniel Angel Marchelli

  • María Laura Martínez

  • Manuel Martínez | M2R Architects


- Cultural Centre in Bamiyan


- Cultural Centre in Bamiyan


- Paseo del Bajo Linear Park


- Single-family house

- conference room multipurpose


- Multi-purpose building

  • Federico Pastorino : Federico Pastorino

  • Pedro Peña y Lillo | Pedro Peña y Lilllo Arquitecto


- Building H


- Medianos Patagonia

  • Mercedes Salgado

  • Sebastian Sanchez

  • Bruno Sirabo: National University of La Plata

  • Sigfrido Stieger | PASTO Architects

  • Gabriel Tyszberowicz | TYSBE Architecture

  • Virginia Volonté

  • Joli Mitrojorgji

Felipe Croxatto | Croxatto&Opazo Architects


- Parrón House

- Machagua House

  • Adriana Cepeda | Urban&Suburban

  • Alfonso José García

  • Jheisson Joseph Lasso

  • Vanessa Ortigoza

  • Javier Antonio Ramírez

  • Pío Rodrigo Cid

  • Jorge Esteban Camacho

  • Ricardo Prada | Pradagüell Architects

  • Sebastian Felipe Auquilla

  • Samaria Lopez

  • Luis Eduardo Alarcón

  • Juan Gabriel Arias

  • Pierre Berrú | Berrú Architects

  • Bernardo Bustamante | Bernardo Bustamante Architects


- Chiviquí Houses


- Legislative complex in Quito

  • Ricardo Sandoya

  • José Antonio Serrano | University of the Americas

  • Tatiana Serrano

  • Carlos Tello

  • Evelyn Pamela Vallejo


- Arts Centre in South Korea


- Arts Centre in South Korea

  • Emilia Ruiperez | The Mirateca

  • Pilar Ruiz Sisamón

  • Borja Ruiz-Apilánez | University of Castilla La Mancha

  • Juan José Tenorio

  • Wassim Abu Hazim


- Ávila Pavilion

- The Cave



- Bishopric Tank

  • Erik René González | Architects Inc.

  • Enrico Eugenio Hernández Cervantes

  • Augusto Valentino Hernández Cervantes

  • Karen Hinojosas | Tecnológico de Monterrey

  • Iván Ibarra

  • Pedro Alberto Lara | Javier Sordo Madaleno

  • Juan Carlos López

  • Luis Noel Loya

  • Nemesio Maisterra

  • Mauricio Maycotte

  • Eme Office

  • Hugo Múgica

  • Juan Pablo Paredes: Universidad Anahuac

  • Fernando Alberto Pérez

  • Luis Gerardo Pérez

  • Carlos Pérez Gavilán | Estudio G

  • Josefina Pozas | CRW Architecture

  • Andrés Ramos

  • Karla Paulina Rosales

  • César Emilio Saucedo

  • Margarita Sotomayor

  • René Villarreal

  • Sergio Williams

  • Carlos Zazueta


  • Ana Tomas


- House B-14

- Housing H22

  • Juan Diego Clavijo : nomena arquitectura

  • Diego Armando Fernández

  • Martha Andrea Leiva

  • Jorge Ocampo: University of Piura

  • Yasmani Omar Sánchez

  • Zaira Uribarri

  • Christian Vasquez

  • Douglas Candelario

  • Aleshiang Ben Torres | Ben & Jaquez Architects Urban Planners

  • Esteban González Reyes

  • Levgen Artamonov

SI Pardot - Master's Degree in Architectural Theory and design [3fsnnm] [3fsnnm].