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We are living in times of constant technological revolution in which companies and technology companies need lawyers with the ability to offer legal solutions to all the questions that arise with the implementation of new techniques in Social digital mindset able to offer legal solutions to all the questions that arise with the implementation of new techniques in Social average, Big Data, e-commerce or artificial intelligence. Professionals with the ability to make the most of advances, and who are in constant dialogue with the digital environment in order to be prepared for the progress that is to come.

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Internal alliances

The Master's Degree in Digital Law is a cutting-edge programme in methodology professor, which has internal alliances such as the partnership of the IESE Business School, the high school of Science of the data and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Navarra and the School of Engineers of the University of Navarra. 


To understand the business objectives and the impact of digital transformation, it is essential to understand the technological reality of companies.

In the Master's Degree in Digital Law you will become familiar with block chain, cloud computing, bit coin, AI, InsurTech, FinTech, crypto-assets, robotics and big data through professors of the high school of Sciences of data and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Navarra.

With this technical understanding of technology, you will master the digital language and have the ability to offer a 360ºapproach to address all the legal questions raised by technology. 

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The participation of Uría Menéndez in the design of Study program and in academic staff guarantees a practical approach and a constant update to adapt the programme to the real needs of the companies they advise with excellence and rigour on a daily basis.


Uría Menéndez is a leading Latin American law firm, signature , recognised for its roots and academic projection, with extensive experience in providing top-level legal advice to technology companies and companies in the process of digital transformation plenary session of the Executive Council . Its commitment to excellence and rigour in all the activities it carries out is a guarantee of quality teaching .

At the same time, its partnership ensures the practical approach of the programme and its permanent update to provide answers to legal questions arising from technological developments.





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International experience

You will enjoy a week at training in New York, where you will learn first-hand about the main legal challenges facing the world's leading technology companies. 


The students of the Master's Degree Programmes of the School Law School of the University of Navarra in Madrid participate in the International Legal Week in New York, where, during a week of training, they have the opportunity to learn about the main legal challenges faced by the most important technology companies in the world and can approach the internship of the American legal profession in digital environments. 

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Innovative methodology

At School Law we are experts in the training of lawyers who are called to lead the legal sector in the future. To this end, we combine different teaching methodologies to encourage active learning by students to generate dynamic discussions about the legal challenges they will have to solve in their organisations tomorrow.

Metodologia: desplegable

Most relevant methodologies

The case method requires students to put themselves in the shoes of managers and consider what to do in different decision-making situations. This methodology emphasises the leading role of the student in learning, while the teacher facilitates and guide the discussion, asking questions that encourage reflection and the discussion of the whole class, so that it becomes an enriching experience. 

The accompaniment of a coach will enable student to increase self-knowledge, self-awareness and improve performance in order to achieve specific goals through behavioural change.

The possibility of being able to share and contrast knowledge and advice with another person who has a different experience will be part of a mutual enrichment.

Through simulation exercises, students will have to deal with real-life situations that can occur in the business world.