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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas




Ana María Ruiz González (Costa Rica)

After my internship at the United Nations, I realised the importance of having a solid academic and human training to defend Human Rights in international organisations. When I read the Master's Degree programme offered by the University of Navarra, I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for: an academic environment with excellent professors, an international and demanding programs of study programme with a special approach focus on the individual and his or her dignity.

Aplicaciones anidadas




Felipe Fernández Salvador (Ecuador)

Once I graduated as a lawyer in Ecuador, I knew I wanted to do something more... I needed to learn new tools to analyse social phenomena and defend human rights. This concern led me to apply to the programme offered by Master's Degree in Human Rights at the University of Navarra. When I boarded the plane to Spain, I had great expectations for what was to come, but also a certain fear. Arriving in Pamplona and getting to know its people, its culture, and seeing the academic standards of the University, I felt that my aspirations could and should be high.

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Rafael Meira Luz (Brazil)

I have been a juvenile prosecutor for 13 years. I had the opportunity to study this Master's Degree of Human Rights in Spain and I think I have found what I was looking for: a different way of looking at law, of doing justice. I am sure that I will return to Brazil as a different professional, a different person. I hope to be able to continue working in this line, in human rights, a little better than I did before coming to the University of Navarra.

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Marcel Defranc Zambrano (Ecuador)

I chose Master's Degree because of the prominent place of human rights in legal systems. The ultimate mission statement of jurists is to serve justice. Therefore, it is vital to have a Education specialised in principles and freedoms that guarantees an adequate defence of people's rights. In this sense, the University of Navarra provides the academic and scientific solvency necessary for the challenges that arise today. Moreover, this is complemented by a welcoming and familiar atmosphere consistent with a training in values, which is one of the pillars of the institutional Philosophy and which has led it to stand out in the Latin American sphere.

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Margarett Herrera Aliada (Peru)

My professional work includes providing timely and effective advice on possible internal conflicts in my country. The University of Navarra at the Master's Degree on Human Rights has successfully brought together top-level researchers and professionals, guiding us in the right way towards the path of respect and fulfilment of Human Rights, as well as showing us the obstacles we may encounter. The experience is an enriching one, as participants from different countries attended the Master's Degree meeting, which has led to an academic discussion and dialogue, forging arguments to obtain a universal vision of these issues.



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Aplicaciones anidadas