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What will you learn?

The official, professional, specialised and bilingual (Spanish-English) Master's Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Business / Master in Real Estate is taught at campus in Madrid. It has a strong academic character while incorporating training in sustainability, data analysis and the completion of a curricular and compulsory professional internship. The programme is committed to specific teaching in ethics that will enable you to face the social and global challenges in the field of Real Estate.

In addition to knowledge in humanistic, project and technical subjects, the master's degree is committed to training in business and project management that facilitates work in professional teams in accordance with an international and collaborative context in the profession, taught with the collaboration of professors from the IESE Business School and the University of Navarra through the case method.

The combination of these subjects from business with others specific to the architecture sector, developed by professors from the School of Architecture and other international professionals, allows you to approach the subject matter of the master's degree from a global point of view, ensuring that you acquire the necessary skills to develop your professional career in an international and multicultural environment.


The digital revolution arising from the field of "Big Data" implies exciting challenges and opportunities for companies and organisations. As a result, the labour market is increasingly demanding professionals with knowledge in this field. The aim is to seek the scientific rigour of the University, enriching it with the experience of professionals and real cases from business.

Therefore, the analysis of data, of "Big Data", is treated in this master's degree as a set of skills that are indispensable for any professional in the sector at the present time, such as the ability to collect, analyse and present data, as well as knowing how to use them for evidence-based business decision-making.

Due to the importance it has acquired in the design and management of real estate projects, it is essential to be trained in the quantitative analysis of operations, in the capture and modelling of data, as well as in the management and visualisation of this data.

We are currently immersed in a social, environmental and urban revolution that is transforming the way we live (14% of real estate transactions are residential and 4% are hotels), the way we work (21% are offices and 9% are industry) and the way we buy (10% are retail). In addition to the traditional options, new possibilities are being added that focus on the sustainability of the collective as opposed to the individual (co-working, co-living), the decentralised as opposed to the localised, hybrid options that mix residential with commercial and/or offices, as well as new business models such as "built to rent". These operations (plus 42% in land) make this area a strategic and growing field. The need for innovation in the application of an already known official document, in an increasingly variable present and a future full of possibilities, will be increasingly important.

The MRE will prepare you to face the challenges of the sector, in such a way that, in addition to quantitative criteria, qualitative criteria related to technology, health, sustainability and the city are incorporated into your training. You will identify the challenges of 21st century society and how real estate, from its own sphere, should contribute to the search for more sustainable solutions.

Another central aspect of your training will be the ethical component as a differential factor in the decisions and social challenges of the sector, both at an individual and organisational level. It will also address the social responsibility of organisations, the policies that articulate ethics within companies and their integration with regulatory compliance. To this end, the anthropological instructions necessary to understand the human person and its implications will be provided, both in the personal development of student and to understand the people around them: clients, colleagues, etc.

The Master's Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Business / Master in Real Estate, incorporates knowledge of finance and development which opens up a new horizon in the professional profile of student and which will be taught with the collaboration of professors from IESE Business School.

You will learn to analyse business situations, interpret data to diagnose the financial situation of a business, handle financial accounting and management control data for decision-making and define competitive business strategies.

The master's degree will also provide you with knowledge in the field of people management and negotiation so that you can develop your professional activity leading processes and negotiating with the different agents involved in building or urban planning.

Marketing, commercial management or new information technologies are other aspects that you will learn to handle with the aim of goal that you will be able to manage the deadlines and the human and monetary resources necessary to bring these new products, technologies or innovative services to the market.

This training will allow you to develop the qualities of entrepreneurship, leadership and social commitment inherent to the profession of architect and will provide your professional profile with a clearly differential value.

You will also be trained in project management so that you acquire skills and competences ranging from analysis, planning and execution of project to knowledge of leadership and coordination of work teams. You will be able to develop a project in all its phases, as well as develop new strategies to ensure success by planning budgets, quality, deadlines and efficient use of resources.


You will be able to work in...

The MRE will enable you to correctly identify and analyse new opportunities and threats in the real estate market, calibrate real estate investment and financing decisions and carry out the economic viability of projects diligently and efficiently.

Among the possible employment opportunities include:

- Investment analysis and real estate financing
- development real estate
- Wealth management
- Real estate valuations and appraisals
- Real estate asset management and marketing
- Land analyst
- Real estate law
- Corporate finance
- Real estate business and data analysis
- Project management; research and education


Professional projection

Practical training in the master's degree takes on special importance with the Professional Internships and the Master's Thesis (TFM) in companies in the sector.

This opportunity involves the application of all the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme in a real environment. You will have contact with the professional reality, you will acquire professional skills that facilitate your employability and foster your entrepreneurial skills.

During the master's degree, you will have two tutors: a professional from business and an academic tutor of the MRE. The tutoring consists of the supervision of your activities, as well as guidance in the development of the TFM.

The MRE will put you on contact with companies that demand specialised professionals who provide real solutions to their needs.

The University of Navarra's School of Architecture has agreements with more than 300 leading companies and studios. It is also an academic partner of MWCC Madrid World Construction City, Madrid World Construction Capital, which brings together more than 80 public and private entities, companies, universities, architectural studios and engineering firms.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Recruiting Day

The Recruiting Day is held annually at campus in Madrid, a workshop where the companies collaborating with the Master's programmes interview candidates with a view to incorporating students with profiles that are suitable for the tasks they perform and the business philosophy into their workforces.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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