The University itself has a general furniture storeroom where items that are no longer in use for various reasons are deposited. This material, in good condition, is at the disposal of the Centres and Services so that it can be recycled.

For the request of this furniture, please contact contact with the General Manager of the School, to which the department corresponds, so that it can be managed.


For apply for a transfer, please remember to fill in the following form form.

Other functions

The work carried out can be summarised as follows:

  • New constructions. Participation, according to the form decided in each case, in needs plans, control of projects and budgets, management of licences with public administrations and contracting and control of works.

  • Refurbishment and improvement of facilities. Preparation of programs of study and proposals, budgets, contracting, monitoring and control.

  • Production of updated drawings, installation diagrams and operating instructions for Maintenance Service.

  • Control of the monitoring of the technical requirements and regulations legally established for university facilities.

  • programs of study and reports on reform proposals received from the Centres or from Office of the Executive Council.

  • Preparation of the technical documentation necessary for taking out insurance policies for buildings and their equipment.

  • Regular relations of Office of the Executive Council with architects and other technical consultants.

  • Preparation of the annual plan for refurbishment and/or extraordinary maintenance of buildings and facilities, in coordination with Maintenance Service.

  • Elaboration of specific proposals for furniture and other equipment.

  • update of data in the application of the management of Infrastructures and Installations