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Sustainable, welcome

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The Sustainability Club is supported by a network of people concerned about sustainability. Both the community of the University of Navarra and external entities are welcome to collaborate in the achievement of our goal challenge: a society that is sustainable over time and lives in harmony with its environment.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas





Do you have a natural concern for sustainability? This is the place for you. We can welcome you as a member or friend of the Sustainability Club.

Members: you will be part of group of students participating in the seminar Sustainability Talks, you will empower the initiatives we carry out and you will have a family of sustainable students by your side. Valid for 1 ECTS credit, these registrations are open only at the beginning of the course.

Friends of the club: students who care about sustainability but can't make such a high level of commitment. We will send you a monthly newsletter, you will be able to participate in the initiatives we carry out and you will also have preferential access to the open talks we organise. Easy to combine, isn't it?




The club is open to partnerships. We are happy to work with companies and organisations that respect sustainability. This motivates us to continue working and opens doors to the outside world.

We develop initiatives, talks and have a seminar. At final, we are an active part of the University of Navarra community.

You are welcome: Companies; NGOs; Educational Institutions; Public Entities; Associations; Start-ups...


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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Ways to collaborate


Organisations are welcome to collaborate with us in any way. Here are a few ideas:

- Representing your business/organisation and telling about your relationship with sustainability through a talk open to all campus. Present your systems, activities, findings and achievements. (These are not usually talks promoting goods or services).

- Attending as an expert in a specific topic to one of the closed sessions with the members of the seminar Sustainability Talks. You can find here the specific topics we will be working on. If one of the topics is related to your organization, write to us and collaborate as a guest expert in one of our sessions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Sustainability Talks community.

- Supporting or funding the process of design and the implementation of the different initiatives that we carry out during the year at the university. Contact us if you want to know what we have in store next.

- We really appreciate your support to our community! If you have any other idea to collaborate with our mission statement, we listen to you. We remain open to any enriching ideas.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Programme of sponsorship


We also present the Sustainability Club's programme sponsorship business Sostenible. For companies that value sustainability as a fundamental pillar in the development of their activity, we have designed two blocks to which they can adhere as allied companies. The purpose of joining the block is to support the Sustainability Club in the development of its activity inside and outside campus.


- Access to the club's alumni community to run performance tests, improve the experience of Username etc. by pilot testing sustainability-related business initiatives (also intended for innovations from the Departments of research and development+I). 

- Capacity to organise one (1) professional development event and distribute information material to members and friends of the club about project.

- Promotion of this event with the name of the business on social media and the Sustainability Club newsletter.

- Two (2) free tickets to the annual Spring Sustainability Week lecture .

In addition to the Bronze Level opportunities, we will provide:

- Dissemination of the business logo with link to the website on the Sustainability Club's online portal and in the newsletter "bulletin monthly".

- Access to the curriculum vitae (CV) book of the club members who have authorised it, approximately 25 high potential CVs. 

- Possibility to organise a recruitment and networking event among Sustainability Club alumni partners.

- Four (4) free tickets for the lecture spring "Sustainability Week". 

- Organise a table at work at the lecture "Sustainability Week" and distribute any information material at the physical stands of the event, held at the University of Navarra.