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The Sustainability Club implements different initiatives each year academic year, all with a single purpose: to generate a positive impact on sustainability. The themes of the initiatives we have carried out have been related to recycling, the mobility of students and teachers, improving personal habits, conservation of the environment, research focused on sustainability and dissemination of projects that strive to be environmentally responsible.

Aplicaciones anidadas



Any student of the University of Navarra that is developing a project that values sustainability is welcome to collaborate with the club. Tell us about your project, we will be happy to listen and help you. 

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


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available In the coming weeks, this guide aimed at students will inspire students to live a life more in tune with their environment and provide the tools necessary to ensure a strong future for the planet.

Launched by the University itself, we collaborate in the development of this platform that motivates our university community to leave the car behind and use the bicycle to get to campus.

A week of events related to sustainability that aims to educate students about the evolution of this great challenge worldwide, with the help of international experts.

Working with the University and the students themselves, we put pilot projects related to sustainability on test at campus. After providing our perspective, we help campus to decide which sustainable initiatives will actually be feasible.

The members of the club collaborate with research University projects related to sustainability, providing support in the collection and organisation of data. 

When we get our hands dirty, we really do it. That's why we go to the river Sadar, which crosses the University's Pamplona campus , to clean up the rubbish and unnatural waste that piles up in the watercourse.

Each month, club members produce an informative bulletin related to sustainability at the University of Navarra. The bulletin, subject newsletter, is called Sostenibles, and is where all Friends of the Sustainability Club receive the latest initiatives, news and developments related to sustainable activity at the University. It is addressed to any student, teacher or researcher allied to the club. You can join in a couple of clicks as a Friend of the Sustainability Club in the"Collaborate" tab.