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The Center for Global Affairs & Strategic Studies (GASS) is a research center in the field of foreign relations. It fosters a strategic knowledge of international affairs through the study of global issues, such as security and defense, energy and resources, logistics and economics, and their monitoring in the different world geographic areas.

The center, created within the framework of the Degree in International Relations at the University of Navarra, has a double mission: the prospective analysis for the implementation of policies, and the training of future generations of experts in these matters.



average: Isabel Rincón


Campus Pamplona
Campus universitario s/n

31009 Pamplona, Spain

Campus Madrid
Marquesado de Santa Marta 3
28027 Madrid

+34 948 42 56 00


Nested Applications




Emili J. Blasco


Geopolitics of resources, US regional security, world order, new frontiers (Arctic, Space). Latin America program.

Eugenia López-Jacoiste


World Trade Organization, free trade and regional integration, international organizations, security and defense.

Gonzalo Villalta


International organizations, WTO, free trade treaties and dispute solution mechanisms, bilateral and regional trade agreements.

María Teresa Gil Bazo


Migration politics, refugee status and right of asylum, human rights protection.

Juan Carlos Hernández


Energy and energy security, national resources and sustainable development, crypto economics, cyber security and defense, big data.

Mario Pereira


Heinous crimes and universal jurisdiction, international security, nuclear non-proliferation, outer space treaties.

Salvador Sánchez Tapia


Brigadier General. Analysis and resolution of conflicts, defense and security. Middle East and International Security programs.

Anna K. Dulska


Central and Eastern Europe, international logistics, diplomatic history and historical diplomacy. Europe program.

Juan Luis López Aranguren


International relations, international communications, Asia (with special attention to Japan), Indo-Pacific, security and public diplomacy. Asia program.

Monica Chinchilla


Arms control and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism. International Security program.

Shahana Thankachan


Indo-Pacific, India and the Asian subcontinent, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, security and defense structures in Asia.



Nested Applications

Nested Applications



  • Josué Burgos
  • Alejandra Cangiano
  • Laura Casañas
  • Liznora Castañeda
  • Maria Gelpi
  • Lulu Victoria Gonzalez
  • Denisse Guevara
  • Aysel Heeren
  • Samuel Herize
  • Andrea Kuoman
  • Natalia Lozano
  • Elena Martínez Álvarez
  • Ignacio Milman
  • Xabier Ramos
  • Elena Reyes Sanchez
  • Irene Rodríguez Caudet
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Garagarza
  • Carolinaa Sáchica
  • Christian Santana
  • Jaume Serra
  • Mariana Sotomayor
  • Manuel Valentin
  • Miriam Zeballos



  • Luis Alberola
  • Maria Victoria Andarcia
  • Pablo Arbuniés
  • Alexandria Casarano
  • Jan Gallemí
  • Rut Noboa
  • María Rodríguez Reyero
  • Gonzalo Vázquez