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The project 'For healthy food, you decide' arises at the University of Navarra with the goal de promote improving eating habitsthrough educational activities and by creating environments conducive to healthy choices.

This project is attached to the School of Pharmacy and NutritionThe project involves the collaboration of professionals from the Occupational Medicine Area of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service and from Departments of Food Sciences and Physiology and of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the University of Navarra.

Strategies are mainly implemented in three areas:

  1. educational. Through information on this website, training talks and workshops, etc.

  2. Workplace. Evaluation of eating habits and personalised health promotion on the enquiry of the Doctor of business to the workers.

  3. Community. Supervision and advice on the provision of cafeterias and/or canteens, vending machines, catering and events, etc.