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Through an Academicexchange and the completion of the work Fin de Degree (TFG), the students of Degree in Applied Management can specialize and obtain a diploma from the University of Navarra in one of the following areas:

Events Management


Fashion Business Management

Diploma at management of Events / Event Management 


Diploma at management Fashion Business Management / Fashion Business Management

Sports Management


Logistics Management

Diploma at management Sports Management


Diploma at management Logistics / Logistics Management

Tourism & Hospitality Services


Human Resources

Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Services / Servicios Turísticos y Hotelería / Servicios Turísticos y Hospitality Services 


Diploma at management Human Resources Management / Human Resources Management


"I think going on exchange is one of the best experiences you can have during your university years. And to be able to focus on the area of management that you like the most, in my case, events, is fortunate.

Marta Sobrino. Exchange at Centennial College (Canada)

Students who carry out Curricular Internships and who in their TFG identify, analyse and propose improvements to a process specific to the business in which they carry out their internship can obtain a Diploma Internship in Process Management / Internship in Processes management . 

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The first university Entrepreneurship program that blends in seamlessly with your degree program

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