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Innovative teaching

The approach of Degree will involve you in your own training through project-based teaching, many of them real thanks to the collaboration with companies or institutions.

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The School is committed to the vertical workshop, where students from different courses will work as a team on development projects, combining leadership and responsibility.

Through integrated projects, interdisciplinary education and cross-curricular training are promoted, while facilitating the integration of knowledge from different subjects. In addition, this methodology fosters leadership skills and teamwork.

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The specialisations are ways for students to focus their training and skills on a more specific career path. 

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Mention 1

Design Management of project Creative Management

It provides skills for project management in studios or architectural and engineering firms, creative projects, virtual reality, design interiors, exhibitions, team leadership design, among others.

Mention 2

Design project Urban Management / Urban Management

This mention covers skills in design and public or private management of urban and territorial areas, heritage management, landscape design , urban rehabilitation, advanced handling of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), among others.

Mention 3

Design Management of project Tech Management

It includes competences in technical coordination in engineering and architectural studies or companies, design and management of construction processes and systems, site management, technical evaluation of buildings, management of energy rehabilitation, etc.

Nested applications

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You will have to fill in, necessarily, one of the specialisations. Throughout the development of Degree, you will take a total of 66 ECTS credit related to your chosen specialisation:

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Nested applications

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of Module 2


It introduces you to the integration of the technical aspects of your oriented project .

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of Module 3


Projects oriented to one of the three mentions are developed. The orientation only affects the statement or topic of project, thus ensuring that all students - regardless of the chosen specialisation - acquire all the specific competences of the common subjects.

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of Module 4


36 electives are chosen ECTS credit related to the chosen specialisation.

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of Module 5

Final Project Degree

Original academic work carried out individually related to any of the disciplines studied, which can be oriented towards the chosen specialisation.

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International outreach

If there is one sector that has undergone an intense process of internationalisation, it is architecture. For this reason, the School's students are increasingly aware that their future depends on being prepared to work in a global world.

Part of the teaching is offered in English, which takes place both at the School's headquarters and in international destinations of architectural interest. The Degree has an international websiteacademic staff and exchanges are planned with prestigious university centres abroad, as well as an offer of internships in othercountries and complementary activities in other languages (seminars, conferences, visiting scholars, international seminars, etc.).

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International internships

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The School of Architecture building was built in 1978 by the architects Carlos Sobrini, Eugenio Aguinaga and Rafael Echaide. It was expressly designed to teach and experience architecture from day one. Its structure through a central corridor and distribution of spaces allows students to breathe an atmosphere of openness and creativity that is enhanced by the connections between the different courses and academic staff.

The workshops are open spaces where you can breathe a creative and working atmosphere, where Architecture students and design from different courses will live together, taking advantage of the qualities and contributions of each one.

The building has a laboratory where they experiment and test the resistance of their own Materials. It also has a digital fabrication workshop where students work on the execution of their projects. In these spaces you will tackle the more technical aspects of your projects with the latest technology tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, etc.

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