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Data Analytics Program

Are you comfortable with numbers and do you pay attention to details? Do you reach conclusions and relationships that other people don't at first glance? Do you want to learn programming? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, the Data Analytics programme is for you. Technology has changed business models. Think about your own experience when you watch a series, listen to music or communicate with the bank. This specialization program will help you to be an active part of the business and economic transformation processes that are underway.


Students with an interest in analytical subjects and a desire to solve business problems using new technologies intensively.

  •  Access and management of bulk data.

  • Advanced level programming.

  • Work with visual elements to help understanding and interpretation of complex concepts and elements of business and economic problems.

  • Identification of patterns and trends and extraction of information that helps to generate competitive advantages in companies.

  • Application of mathematical models to solve complex economic problems and business.

  • Efficient communication of results.

 Graduates from diploma will be familiar with quantitative analysis and prediction models and advanced technological tools. In addition, they will be able to understand the economic-business reality in a complete way, whether they have studied Economics or Business Administration. This double training makes them professionals capable of identifying problems and providing technology-based solutions.

 The diploma in Data Analytics Program is adapted to the new needs of the business world. It is estimated that this field will concentrate one of the greatest demands for professionals in the coming years, in which there is talk of a fourth industrial revolution. Companies need among their candidates profiles with knowledge and digital skills. The World Economic Forum has identified this profile as one of the 11 jobs with the highest possible demand in 2022.


1 exchange, 1 seminar international and company visits.

4 years.

 Access to the subjects of diploma here