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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Do you like to observe, question, connect and act? Do you think the world still has many challenges to face? If you want to lead projects to transform ideas into actions that bring good economic and social results, the knowledge and skills trained in this diploma are what you need. If you want to turn your dream into a real business , or you aspire to lead innovative projects in companies, if new opportunities, changes and working in global teams do not scare you, the diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is for you.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program desplegable

 Restless students attracted by the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, with profile active, eager to face new challenges and generate solutions to problems and opportunities in their environment.

  • Ability to detect opportunities and proactivity to transform them into actions and good results and to solve complex problems in uncertain contexts through the creation of new companies or the implementation of projects for third parties.

  •  knowledge and skill to apply the concepts and tools of creativity, business creation and innovation (design thinking, lean start up, pitching, strategic intelligence, business plans, IPR, financing rounds...etc.).

  •  Competencies to develop a vision, design the strategy and generate viable plans to achieve it.

  •  Self-awareness and the ability to compensate for your weaknesses by working as a team to develop your strengths and complementarity.

  •  Leadership to drive new businesses and projects and generate commitment.

  •  Ethical and sustainable thinking.

  • In addition to your ADE training, you will gain experience and advanced training in strategy, new trends, innovation management and business creation.

  •  Extensive practical training in entrepreneurship and development of high managerial, adaptive, teamwork, problem-solving, creative and communication skills.

In addition to the opportunities offered by ADE, this profile stands out for its optimal focus on areas linked to entrepreneurship and leadership in areas of business or institutional innovation such as: 

  •  Chief Innovation Officer.

  •  Other areas of responsibility linked to innovation such as Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Development Officer (in charge of intrapreneurship). With the development of his professional career in these areas, he would be a profile with the potential to occupy the position of CEO.

  •  Entrepreneur oriented towards founding their own business or working in a startup.

  •  Innovation agencies, incubators and agents of the innovation ecosystem (universities, technology centres, accelerators, public bodies, foundations...).


 2 exchanges, 1 international seminar and visits to companies and innovation centers.

 4 years

 Access to the subjects of diploma here

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