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The Degree in Journalism requires having passed the assessment university entrance exams (EvAU or similar international exams) and the test of Admissions Office at School. Although many of our students come from the Social Sciences Baccalaureate, the Degree is open to any other pathway of origin.

profile income. This Degree is for you if you have...

  • Curiosity and interest in current affairs, the desire to understand and explain what is happening in politics, Economics, art, lifestyles, science and sport.

  • Interest in understanding the impact of the media and social networks in the creation of trends, fashions and opinions, as well as the importance of communication in organisations. 

  • Humanistic inquisitiveness, observational skills and a taste for reading, writing and other narratives.

  • Enthusiasm for technological innovations and interest in content creation techniques and management .

  • Orientation to work in a team and good adaptation to changing and flexible environments.

Admission criteria

The Admissions Office to Degree in Journalism is awarded on the basis of a scale, result weighing two factors:

  • 60% average of 1st of high school program.

  • 40% result of the test admission.

The test of Admissions Office at Degree in Journalism consists of four parts:

test of general culture

Test analysis

Personal interview

Test of knowledge of the world of communication and general culture.

Journalism-specific text commentary

Personal interview

Dynamics of group guided by a teacher from Degree (only for candidates who take the Admissions Office tests in person).


In addition, international candidates must have a test level of Spanish (level B2 or similar). 

Prospective students applying for the Global Journalism programme must present, when registering at enrollment, any of the following qualifications:

  • Cambridge Advanced exam (Cambridge ESOOL Exams).

  • Level C1 of the Official Language School

  • TOEFL with the following criteria: IBT (Internet-based Total): 80 points or higher.

  • In the case of students who have studied the last two years of their studies at an international school where the language of instruction has been English (at least 50% of the subjects), they must present a document from their high school diploma at an International School where English has been the language of instruction (at least 50% of the subjects), they must present a document from their high school which accredits this.






Apply for admission to the Portal miUNAV.


Take the admission tests.


Once the test is finished, we will make a weighted average of your grade of 1st year of high school diploma (60%) and our test of Admissions Office (40%). The committee of Admissions Office of the School will solve your application.


We will inform you in the portal miUNAV of the status of your application for admission.


Once you have been admitted you can proceed to pay your enrollment. Find out about the UNAV payment methods.


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