"PPE teaches you how to work as a team and collaborate with very diverse people in order to make quick and effective decisions. "

Santiago Caicedo graduate at Philosophy, politics and Economics in 2022.

City of origin

Bogotá (Colombia)

2. business where you are currently employed and occupation

Reinsurance Broker at Reasinter Miami.

3. What does your day-to-day work at work space consist of?

I act as an intermediary between clients, ceding insurers and reinsurers, in addition to managing documentation and procedures related to reinsurance contracts. Reinsurance is the transfer of risk from one insurer (cedent) to another (reinsurer). Clients hire us to manage risks and protect themselves from adverse situations (natural disasters, political risks, terrorism, etc). Our work consists of negotiating with reinsurance companies to create specific policies for each case. In addition, we monitor market conditions to take into account the implications that certain political, economic, or natural events may have on the industry.

4. What things did you learn in the PPE that you are currently being able to apply in your work space?

The PPE has allowed me to develop analytical skills that are very useful in my work. In addition, I learned to understand the economic and political systems, something core topic in the reinsurance industry. As a broker, my day-to-day life requires me to be attentive to the political and economic current affairs of all the countries in which we do business.

During the Degree I also learned how to negotiate and communicate, important skills for a broker. On the other hand, the PPE teaches you to work in a team and to collaborate with very diverse people, to take into account and evaluate information from all over subject, in order to make quick and effective decisions. 

5. Where would you like to direct your professional career in the coming years?

In the coming years, I would like to further develop my degree program in the field of reinsurance and specialize in a specific area with a Master's Degree. I would also like to work abroad to broaden my experience and knowledge in one of the world's reinsurance hubs, such as Lloyd's of London, for example.

6. What committee would you give to current PPE students?

Make the most of their time at university and look for opportunities to apply what they are learning in the workplace at class. They should also be proactive: they should go out and seek experiences that help develop their specific skills and knowledge.

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