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This Degree is for you if you have...

  • Interest in the world of politics, Economics or sociology, with intellectual curiosity and inclination towards a critical questioning of the problems of human social existence.

  • Interest in the analysis and review of political theories and socio-economic data from an applied perspective of Philosophy and Humanities.

  • Interdisciplinary vocation for the understanding of contemporary society and socio-economic dynamics.

  • Willingness to improve public policies by providing innovative solutions with a solid rationale.

  • Skills for speech, capacity for discussion and dialogue, initiative, and ability to work in a team to achieve innovative solutions.

Admission criteria...

The transcript academic of 1st and 2nd year of high school diploma and the result of the Admissions Office tests. The tests are composed of two parts: test of general culture and a critical analysis of a case.

Each part of the tests has the following distribution on the grade access:

  • test of General Culture: 20%.

  • Current affairs commentary: 20%.

  • average of the academic transcript : 60%.

In addition, the School interviews candidates in order to guide the student in the programs of study they wish to study. Its content is related to the areas of interest of candidate, and, if admitted, to the choice of their future academic advisor .

When the interview staff is not possible, the student can provide letters from presentation. These letters will be written by professors from student or professionals related to the professional or academic field of Degree. However, if the occasion arises, the School can conduct personal interviews with these candidates, taking advantage of the stay of professors from our university in their countries of origin.

For students with special needs, the University offers you a Unit for the Attention of People with Disabilities (UADP).






Apply for admission in the Portal miUNAV.


Take the admission tests.


Once the test is finished, we will take the weighted average of your junior year grades (60%) and the UNAV admissions test (40%). The Admissions Committee will make their decision based on the previously mentioned average.


We will inform you via the miUNAV portal of the your admissions application status.


Once you have been admitted you can proceed to pay your enrollment. Find out about the UNAV payment methods.


Admisión: faq

For students in an IB high school program, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Navarra offers the possibility of choosing between two admission processes:

1. Ordinary admission process: you must take the UNAV admissions test in person and on the dates indicated. The resolution will be communicated in accordance the deadlines established by the Admissions Service.

2. Direct admission process: the grades obtained in the junior year of high school. The minimum acceptable score is 29 points, with no subject of Higher Level with a score lower than 5. In case of doubts, we will request the senior year grades and the student may be ask for a personal interview.

The weighing of each part is as follows:

  • transcript of high school diploma or equivalent:60

  • Admission test: 40%

  • General Culture component (20%)

  • Critical case analysis (20%)

  • The interview or letters, both in the admission process for national and international students, do not count.

  • Students whose mother tongue is not English or language must have a B2* level in English.

  • Students whose native language is not Spanish must accredit a B2 level in Spanish according to the framework Common European reference letter (MCRE).

* The equivalent levels of English from the Official Language Schools (3rd), Cambridge (First Certificate) and TOEFL will be recognised: 83 points in the exam (IBT-Internet Based Test) or 220 points in the exam (CBT-Computer Based Test). Students may also obtain level certification through the UNAV’s in house Language Institute. 

** The certification of the level of Spanish for international students whose mother tongue is not this language or who have not received their pre-university education in it, may be obtained through the DELE B2 (Instituto Cervantes), or the SAT's Subject Test in Spanish with Listening [score 540-670). Students may also obtain certification of this level through the tests organised for this purpose by the University's Institute of language and Spanish Culture (ILCE).

The weighting of the different parts of the Admissions Office tests is as follows:

- First and second year official transcript and high school diploma or equivalent (60%) - Test of general culture (20%) - Case study (20%)

The Admissions Office tests will be held in accordance with the general calendar established by the University of Navarra's Admissions Office Service. Exceptionally, tests may be held on dates and at places other than those established in general.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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