"The University of Navarra has endowed me with a high capacity for analysis and reasoning."

Alejandro Lecumberri, graduate at Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 2023

City of origin

Pamplona (Spain)

2. business where you are currently employed and occupation

assistant to the Management at Denodl, a startup dedicated to research and development+i.

3. What does your day-to-day work at work space consist of?

I support the management and strategy of business by identifying priorities and needs and anticipating risks in the development of the projects. Specifically, I try attendance in the organization of time and resources; I follow up on tasks; and I ensure that the activity is heading towards added value and excellence, principles core topic of the company. In addition, among other things, I carry out tasks of product design , commercial and after-sales work, planning and team organization meetings, essay of conference proceedings and agenda, support to the essay of reports for subsidized projects.

4. What things did you learn in the PPE that you are currently being able to apply in your work space?

The most important and the most complicated thing in a work space is to think. The PPE is a degree program that trains in thinking, teaches to read and write, to analyze and understand complex problems from multiple perspectives. I believe that the University of Navarra has given me a high capacity for analysis and reasoning. This allows me to face new challenges successfully. Even if, on (many) occasions, I lack the experience and technical knowledge that would be useful to perform certain tasks, Degree has given me the tools to manage and seek solutions to problems.

5. Where would you like to direct your professional career in the coming years?

Denodl has a very high growth potential, and I believe I can join you in this development and grow with the business. It is a motivating, challenging, complex and important project . It is an entity where things are done differently, with strong humanistic values. I want to continue my professional life here and take on more responsibilities.

6. What committee would you give to current PPE students?

To be attentive and enjoy the classes; to continue researching and reading beyond what is given at classroom; to take advantage of training at Philosophy; and to look for job opportunities even during the degree program.

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