"One of the main things that the EPP gave me was the concern to keep up to date with political and economic current affairs."

Cristina Gascón graduated from Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 2023.

City of origin

Madrid (Spain).

2. business where you are currently employed and occupation

department of Investor Relations at Repsol. 

3. What does your day-to-day work at work space consist of?

On the one hand, I analyze and monitor the company's ESG reporting to ensure compliance with environmental, social and corporate governance standards.

At department where work, we also schedule meetings with national and international investors, carry out a study of their preferences and analyze their profile. On the other hand, we organize roadshows in different European and international cities.

In addition, at the end of each semester we must analyze the company's accounting and financial documents.

4. What things did you learn in the PPE that you are currently being able to apply in your work space?

One of the main things that the PPE gave me was the interest in keeping abreast of political and economic current affairs. The ability to apply economic knowledge to current problems and to analyze them critically has been key to the development job I have had so far.

5. Where would you like to direct your professional career in the coming years?

My work at Repsol has allowed me to learn more about the Oil&Gas sector, an industry in continuous development development and increasingly committed to the environment. In this sense, I would like to be able to guide large international companies on their way towards a socially committed future. In addition to an economic vision, we must take into account the social and ethical vision committed to the future.

6. What committee would you give to current PPE students?

That they are ambitious and curious, that they do not miss all the opportunities that the University offers and that they do not close themselves to any field. All companies are looking for professionals with the profile of a graduate in PPE: that they do not put limits on their professional degree program and find out how far they can go.

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