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Training activities

Training activities

Doctoral students must carry out training activities each academic year to complement their academic preparation, which may be offered by the Institute or by other academic or research centres. These activities must be agreed by student and director or thesis supervisors and will be communicated to the Programme's Doctoral Committee for the purposes of their registration and file. Incorporated in the activities document attached to the annual research plan, they will be subject to assessment and approval at the end of each academic year by the Doctoral Committee. 

  • Colloquiums of the Institute's postgraduate program programme business and Humanism

  • Congresses, conference or similar activities

  • conference organised by the Institute business and Humanism

  • The research at the University: multidisciplinarity, ethics and society

  • Orientation sessions on thesis preparation

  • training at teaching.

  • Stays of mobility

  • Scientific contribution

  • Languages

See more detailed descriptions detailed of these activities 

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