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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Most relevant scientific contributions derived from the doctoral theses read in the program thesis

Rodríguez-Lluesma, C., Campos Retana, R. (2022). Overcoming boundaries between companies and business schools. The Case of customized executive programs. The International Journal of Management Education, 20 (1). doi: 10.1016/j.ijme.2022.100608. Q1 JCR Education and Educational Research (2021): 34/270. JIF: 4.564.

2. Davila, A., Rodriguez-Lluesma, C., Elvira, M. (2018). Engaging stakeholders in emerging economies. The Case of multilatinas. Journal of Business Ethics, 152(4): 949-964. doi:10.1007/s10551-018-3820-7. Q1 JCR Business (2018): 30/147. JIF: 4.028.

3. Lavezzolo, S. E., Rodríguez Lluesma, C., Elvira, M. (2018). National Culture and Financial Systems: The Conditioning Role of Political Context. Journal of Business Research, 85: 60-72. doi: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.12.021. Q1 JCR Business (2018): 30/147. JIF: 4.028.

4. López-Espinosa, Germán, Ormazábal, G., Sakasai, Y. (2021) Switching from Incurred to Expected Loan Loss Provisioning: Early Evidence. Journal of Accounting Research, 59(3): 757-804. DOI: 10.1111/1475-679X.12354. Q1 JCR Business, Finance (2021): 22/111. JIF: 4.446.

5. Sison, A. J. G., Ferrero, I. & Redín, D. M. (2020). Some Virtue Ethics Implications from Aristotelian and Confucian Perspectives on Family and Business. Journal of Business Ethics, 165 (2):241 - 254. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-019-04307-4. Q1 JCR Ethics (2020): 3/56. JIF: 6.331

6. Calderón, R., Piñero, R. & Redín, D. M. (2020). Understanding independence: board of directors and CSR. Frontiers in Psychology 11: 552152. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.552152. Q2 JCR Psychology, Multidisciplinary (2020): 43/140. JIF: 2.988.

7. Calderón, R., Piñero, R. & Redín, D. M. (2018). Can compliance restart integrity? Toward a harmonized approach. The example of the audit committee. Business Ethics: A European Review 27(2): 195 - 206. DOI: 10.1111/beer.12182. Q1 JCR Ethics (2018): 5/56. JIF: 2.919

8. Mendi, P. and R. Mudida (2018). The Effect on Innovation of Beginning Informal: Empirical Evidence from Kenya. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 131: 326-335. DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2017.06.002. Q1 JCR Business (2018): 32/147. JIF: 3.815.

9. Armand, A. and P. Mendi (2018). Demand Drops and Innovation Investments: Evidence from the Great Recession in Spain. Research Policy, 47: 1321-1333. DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2018.04.015. Q1 JCR Management (2018): 21/217. JIF: 5,425.

10. Idrovo, S., R. Costamagna, P. Mendi and J. M. Parra (2019). Low-skilled Labor Markets as a Constraint on Business Strategy Choices: A Theoretical Approach. Journal of Business Research, 102: 228-234. DOI: 10.1016/j.jbusres.2017.06.020. Q1 JCR Business (2019): 29/152. JIF: 4.874 CSV: 614025737215735730025409 - Verifiable at and folder Citizen

11. Costamagna, R., S. Idrovo Carlier and P. Mendi (2019). Initial Informality as an Obstacle to Intellectual Capital Acquisitions: Empirical Evidence from Latin America. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 20(4): 472-487. DOI: 10.1108/JIC-12-2018-0218. Q1 JCR Business (2019): 30/152. JIF: 4.805.

12. Mendi, P., R. Moner-Colonques and J. J. Sempere-Monerris (2020). Cooperation for Innovation and Technology Licensing: Empirical Evidence from Spain. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 154: 119976. DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2020.119976. Q1 JCR Business (2020): 18/154. JIF: 8.593.


13. Ferrero, Ignacio, Roncella, Andrea (2021) The Ethics of Financial Market Making and its implications for High-Frequency Trading". Journal of Business Ethics, 181:139-151 DOI: Q1 JCR Ethics (2021): 2/56. JIF: 6,430

14. Rocchi, Marta; Ferrero, Ignacio; Beadle, Ron (2021) "Can Finance be a Virtuous Practice? A MacIntyrean Account." Business Ethics Quarterly, 31(1): 75-105. DOI: Q1 JCR Ethics (2021): 6/56. JIF: 4.697

15. Roncella, Andrea; Ferrero, Ignacio (2020) A MacIntyrean Perspective on the Collapse of a Money Market Fund. Journal of Business Ethics. 165(1): 29-43. DOI: Q1 JCR Ethics (2020): 3/56. JIF: 6,331.

16. Ferrero, Ignacio; Rocchi, Marta; Pellegrini, Massimiliano Matteo; Reichert, Elizabeth (2020) Practical wisdom: A virtue for leaders. Bringing together Aquinas and Authentic Leadership. Business Ethics: A European Review, 29(51): 84-98. DOI: Q1. JCR Ethics (2020): 2/56. JIF: 6.967

17. Sison, Alejo Jose G.; Ferrero, Ignacio; Redin, Dulce M. (2020) Some virtue ethics implication from Aristotelian and Confucian Perspectives on Family and Business. Journal of Business Ethics, 165: 241-254. DOI: Q1 JCR Ethics (2020): 3/56. JIF: 6,430.

18. Sison, Alejo Jose G.; Ferrero, Ignacio; Guitian, Gregorio (2019) Characterizing virtues in finance." Journal of Business Ethics, 155(4): 995-1007. DOI 10.1007/s10551-017-3596-1. Q1 JCR Ethics (2021): 2/55. JIF: 1.173

19. Jaume Aurell, The Canon in History, Rethinking History, 26, 4 (2022): 439-465. DOI: 10.1080/13642529.2022.2135814. Q1 JCR History (2021): 11/102. JIF: 1.173 20. Jaume Aurell, "Practicing Theory and Theorizing Practice," Rethinking History, 24, 2 (2020): 229- 251. DOI: 10.1080/13642529.2020.1810435. Q1 JCR History (2020): 20/101. JIF: 1.000 CSV: 614025737215735730025409 - Verifiable at and folder Citizen

21. Jaume Aurell, "Rethinking History's Essential Tension: Between Theoretical Reflection and Practical Experimentation," Rethinking History, 22 (2018): 439-458. DOI: 10.1080/13642529.2018.1531540. Q1 JCR History (2018): 18/95. JIF: 0.789.

Ruiz-Perez, Fernando; Lleo, Alvaro; Ormazabal, Marta (2021) Employee sustainable behaviors and their relationship with Corporate Sustainability: A Delphi study. Journal of Cleaner Production, 329: 129742. DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2021.129742. Q1 JCR Environmental Sciences (2021): 24/279. JIF: 11.072.

Kabbach-de-Castro, Luiz Ricardo; Kalatzis, Aquiles Elie Guimaraes; Pellicani, Aline Damasceno (2022) Do financial constraints in an unstable emerging economy mitigate the opportunistic behavior of entrenched family owners? Emerging Markets Review, 50: 100838. DOI: 10.1016/j.ememar.2021.100838. Q1 JCR Business, Finance (2021): 23/111. JIF: 4.359.

Caixe, Daniel Ferreira; Guimaraes Kalatzis, Aquiles Elie; Kabbach de Castro, Luiz Ricardo (2019) Controlling shareholders and investment-risk sensitivity in an emerging economy. Emerging Markets Review, 39: 133-153l. DOI: 10.1016/j.ememar.2019.04.002. Q1 JCR Business, Finance (2019): 12/109. JIF: 3.092.

Antonakakis, Nikolaos; Cuñado, Juncal; Filis, George; Gabauer, David; Perez de Gracia, Fernando (2018) Oil volatility, oil and gas firms and portfolio diversification. Energy Economics, 70: 499-515. DOI: 10.1016/j.eneco.2018.01.023. Q1 JCR Economics (2018): 24/363. JIF: 4.151.


Theses in progress

  • Rodrigo Banda. Impact of an intervention on purpose in life on the well-being of emerging adults(pdf).

  • M. Isabel Gómez de Soria. "evaluation Ethics of systems of accreditation of Hospitals: choice, application and continuity" (pdf)

  • Luis Alonso Ramos. The university and the development staff and community: an interdisciplinary view from the perspective of Newman, Lepp, Pérez López and Peterson(pdf).

  • María Fernanda Cuen. Ethical leadership in Mexican business towards ESG(pdf).

  • Belén Fontanals. The impact that Compliance has on organizations and their governance (pdf).

  • Jerónimo Corral. Success factors in collective bargaining of sectoral collective bargaining agreements (pdf).

  • Guillermo Cabanillas. Leadership and entrepreneurship in ancient Israel and its reflection in the business world.

  • Juan Alonso Sardá. The relational dimension of corporate governance and collaborative leadership.

  • Guillermo Tena. development Implications for the digital transformation of human capital management as a result of the alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) and with the determination and implementation of ESG criteria in management.

  • Juan Pablo Manrique. The role of discernment in favouring dialogue in planning processes

  • José David Alvarenga. Governance models in the main universities in Honduras.

  • Genny Paola Fuentes. Corporate governance in hospital institutions and its effect on organisational and human talent results.

  • Marisol Terrazas. Implementing a humanist model in the financial system: the influence of corporate governance.

  • Farida Saraid Paredes. Misconduct Risk and its relationship with financial integrity and stability. The case of the Peruvian financial system

  • José Luis Guillén. Executive coaching and awareness development for human flourishing in leaders.

  • Álvaro Moreno: Corporate reputation as the foundation of the maximisation strategy in the creation of value for business[pdf] [pdf].

  • Elena Chernyskova: Development of private philanthropy in emerging economies: a comparative analysis of BRICS countries.

  • Regina Guzmán: Analysis of the relationship between work and the family from the perspective of the Inter-Processual Self paradigm [pdf].

  • Francisco Javier Cardona: Role of the business Private in the construction of the peace process between the Colombian State and the guerrilla of the FAC-EP.

  • Flávia de Santis: The presence of purpose in decision-making

  • Tatiana Díaz: Interdiction of arbitrariness and reasonableness in constitutional jurisdiction. An analysis based on the ideas of J. Finnis.

  • framework Antonio García Kihn: Anthropological foundation of work and business: a proposal of integration of the principles of result, rationality and transcendence according to Leonardo Polo.

  • José Antonio Arámbulo: The role of practical wisdom in organisational governance


List of thesis doctoral dissertations read at the doctoral program

  • José Paulo Carelli

    First-person decision making and its relation to management activity

  • Juan Francisco Rumbea

    Essays on Government and Economic Reforms: Ecuador's Experience since Dollarization

  • Maria Eugenia Clouet

    The culture of social innovation as a driver of corporate sustainability

  • Begoña Echevarne

    Directors: Mercedes Montero and Juan Manuel Mora
    Covid-19: Governance and Communication at the University of Navarra at the service of stakeholders

  • Óscar González Peralta

    Directors: Dulce Redín and Ignacio Ferrero
    The concept of independence in the G20 corporate governance codes: an analysis and an analysis of the concept of independence in the G20 corporate governance codes. proposal

  • Jaime Díez Yañez

    Director: Pablo Pérez López
    Thought and style of direction in Luis Valls. A conceptual repertoire

  • María Ángeles Chesa

    Directors: Jaime Nubiola and Víctor García Ruiz
    Academic Dialogue in John Henry Newman

  • Francisco Vilaplana

    DirectorGuido Stein
    Generation Z and its impact on culture and management of people in organizations

  • José Enrique Arizón

    Directors: David Fernández-Ordóñez and José Antonio Alfaro
    model improved assessment of the sustainability of infrastructure projects

  • Miguel Saiz

    DirectorEnrique Moros
    Helping to grow. The purpose of educational and managerial action in the light of Leonardo Polo's thought.

  • Maria Virginia Luna

Director: Marta Torregrosa Puig
Mediatization of design: approach figurative of design of services

  • Carlos Larreategui 

DirectorJuan Carlos Hernandez
The Governing Body of the University private in Ecuador

  • Roy Campos Retana 

Director: Carlos Rodríguez Lluesma
Dynamics of partnership between companies and business schools in the development of training tailor-made programs in Latin America

  • Verónica Viteri Chancusi

Directors: Ángela Aparisi and María Eugenia López Jacoiste
The principle of non-refoulement in the European Court of Human Rights: an analysis of the protection of victims of forced migration in the light of human dignity.

  • Kevin Guillermo Valenzuela Tábora

Directors: Jordi Rodríguez Virgili and Fernando López Pan
Latin American populism as a communication strategy. The case of Guatemala: the 2015 and 2019 electoral campaigns.

  • Linda Yolanda Paz Quezada

Directors: Juan Fernando Sellés and Javier Laspalas
The Spirit of the University in St. Josemaría Escrivá. The case of the University of the Isthmus in Guatemala.

  • José Guillermo Wilfredo Garrido-Lecca

DirectorRafael Torres
The influence of family dynamics in the governance and management of business family

  • Angel Araujo

Directors: Reyes Calderón and Ricardo Piñero
Analysis of the impact of innovation on the generation of the financial return of business productive activity in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Ramzi Jazmati Akili

Directors: Mª Dolores López and Eduardo Olier
Emirati women's leadership. Tradition, culture, geoeconomics and governance.

  • Víctor A. Meléndez    

Twitter and Puerto Rican political culture: Between media actors, public discourses and constructions of reality
Director: Inés Olza

  •  Roberto Álvarez Landeros

Creating sustainable value in the business
Director: Luis Fernando Múgica

  • Marta Torres Polo

Juan Antonio Pérez López's model and entrepreneurial longevity: an empirical study through business school cases
Director: Roberto García Castro

  • Pilar Esperanza García Tamariz

The role of personal satisfaction on workers' job satisfaction and its influence on task commitment and commitment to the organisation
Director: Ricardo Mateo

  • Ana Machado

Schwartz's theory of values: rationale and application to the work context
Director: Joan Fontrodona

  • David A. Rodríguez Díaz

Monarchy and Enlightenment in Frederick the Great
Director: Montserrat Herrero
Co-director: Juan Pablo Domínguez

  • Jorge Iván Gómez Osorio

An integrated model for the general direction of a business
Director: Joan Fontrodona

  • María Prats Morral

Altruistic Motives: Conceptualization, Nature, Sources, and Their Repercussions on Human Well- Being and Organizations
Director: Carlos Rodríguez Lluesma
Co-director: Consuelo Martínez Priego
International PhD

  • Alejandro Torres Mojica

The leadership relationship. Between situational leadership theories and human action.
Director: Fernado Múgica

  • Pedro Valdés Guide

The conduct of war: operational conduct and political governance of military operations
Director: Montserrat Herrero

  • Salvador Sánchez Tapia

A Survey of Spain's civil-military relations
Director: Marybeth Ulrich
Co-director: Pablo Pérez López

  • Manuel Eduardo Vicuña

The institutional culture of the Chilean navy: its formation during the 19th century
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Luis María Caballero

A study of Argentina's recent political history from the classical perspective of good governance
Director : Ricardo Rovira

  • Patricio Fay

Conflicts in virtual teams
Director : Ricardo Crespo
Co-director: Tomás Farchi

  • Ricardo Murcio

Structural analysis of person-centred leadership proposed by Carlos Llano Cifuentes
Director : Joan Fontrodona

  • Jaime Pantoja

The university: historical moment and main contemporary debates
Director : Luis Fernando Múgica


  • Guillermo Dulanto

Decentralisation and subsidiarity: the Peruvian case
Director : Agustín González Enciso
Co-director: Nuria Chinchilla

  • Esther Jiménez

Validation of a scale of competencies and a scale of motives for the development of managers' talent.
Director: Carolina Ugarte
Co-director: Nuria Chinchilla

  • Marcel Meyer

Positive Organizational Virtuousness and Neo-Aristotelian Virtue in Business and Leadership
Director . Alejo Sison
Co-director: Claus Dierksmeier
International Doctorate

  • Joao Maria Homem Ferreira Martins Da Cunha

Personal space in communication
Director : Manuel Martín Algarra
Co-director: Marta Torregrosa
International Doctorate

  • Álvaro José Cifuentes

The law educational as a legal discipline . Colombian law educational . Proposals for the improvement of the quality of education and freedom of education in Colombia.
Director . Juan Andrés Muñoz

  • Silvia Martino

Leonardo Polo's contribution to the University and to business
Director : Juan Fernando Sellés
Co-director: Mª Concepción Naval


  • Javier Bermúdez Aponte

The Ethos professor and the recovery of the identity of the university lecturer
Director : Javier Laspalas

  • Carlos Arbesú

The family committee and its governing function in the family business
Director : Salvador Rus

  • Cecilia Coronado

Critique of Instrumental Reason: Critical Theory's Response to Max Weber's Prognosis
Director : Montserrat Herrero
International PhD

  • Claudio Salgado

The Theological Origins of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration
Director : Miguel Alfonso Martínez-Echevarría

  • Carlos Antonio Reyes

The response to the vocation to the common good of companies listed on the Mexican stock exchange
Director : Paul H. Dembinski

  • Roberto Cornejo

Energy, economy and environment: a view from sustainability and humanism
Director : Albán D'Entremont

  • Lourdes Mercado

The modern university as an institution in civil society
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Fernanda Llergo

Juan Vázquez de Mella y Fanjul. The renewal of Spanish traditionalism.
Director : Miguel Ayuso


  • José Alejandro Vázquez Alarcón

Intellectual Biography of Ángel López- Amo y Marín: Spanish Monarchic Legitimacy
Director : Jaume Aurell
International PhD

  • Omar Anibal Rodríguez

Work as a vocation in positive psychology
Director : Ricardo Crespo

  • Omar Maldonado

Decent housing, social housing. Comparative analysis of Spain-Guatemala social housing programmes.
Director : Miguel Ángel Alonso del Val

  • Jorge Llaguno

The role of error in the evolution of modern productive organisation
Director : Agustín González Enciso

  • Leonardo Veiga

proposal of a Methodology for the development of an explanatory model of innovation in small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in mature sectors that are not very technology-intensive. The case of the canned food and ready meals industry in Navarre.
Director : José Antonio Alfaro

  • Santiago Garcia 

Elements of Henry Mintzberg's Management Policy
Director : Fernando Múgica
Co-director: Alejandro Néstor García

  • Guillermo María Fraile

The relationship between work-life balance and work motivation. A study of managers in Argentina
Director : María Dolores López Hernández

  • Rubén Darío Urtuzuástegui

Analysis of three behavioural models of human excellence in history: the Greek model , the Judeo-Christian until its secularisation and the contemporary US mythology, as a guide for the construction of a behavioural model of excellence in Mexico.
Director : Kurt Spang

  • Ramón de Vera Misa

Land Reform in Mindanao Philippines
Director : Rafael Alvira
Co-directors: Roland T. Dy and Bernardo M. Villegas

  • Carlos Gómez Minakata

The cultural ideal of "Civil Society" in the context of its contemporary resurgence
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Alberto Vargas

The anthropological crisis of the West and personal growth according to Leonardo Polo
Director : Juan Fernando Sellés
International doctorate


  • Alejandro Balarezo Balarezo

Modelling of an integral system for strategic planning and its application in the strategic planning of the University of Piura.
Director . Rafael Alvira

  • María Elena Ordóñez

Family and work integration: core topic for the development of the person. A study of predictors of satisfaction with integration in Argentina.
Director . María Dolores López Hernández
Co-director: Joan Fontrodona

  • Juan Manuel Parra

The formative consequences of skill among business schools
Director : Raquel Lázaro


  • Ana Maria Watson

Human Needs and Moral Freedom in Antonio Millán Puelles
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Rolando Roncancio

Benefit Corporations: from the primacy of the shareholder to that of the common good
Director : Joan Fontrodona

  • Edison Paul Tabra Ochoa

Solidarity and corporate governance of business. A look at international organisations
Director : Agustín González Enciso
International doctorate

  • Francisco Javier Castañeda Ibarra

Business comfort, risk zone. A view from the Mexican entrepreneur
Director : Agustín González Enciso

  • Inés Migliaccio

Anthropological foundations of fashion: magnanimity and elegance
Director : Rafael Alvira
International PhD


  • María Sol Amelia Quesada Blasco

Contribution of the multidimensional budget to the address of business
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Hugo Donaldo Cruz Rivas

Effects of family-friendly environments on the quality of employee motivation
Director : Ricardo Luis Mateo Dueñas

  • Miguel Angel Rosales Alvarado

The Possibility of an Ethical-Political Rationality sustained on the Basis of a Theory of the Senso-communist speech . (Common Sense, Rhetoric and Ethics in Democratic Social Organisation).
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • José Roberto Hernández Flores

Effects of a work environment based on facets of accountability on continuous improvement: order and compliance with standards
Director : Ricardo Luis Mateo Dueñas

  • Germán Scalzo Molina

Genesis of modern economic rationality. An approach from the philosophy of economics
Director : Miguel Alfonso Martínez Echevarría
International PhD

  • Maria Valentina Erice

The protection of groundwater in Spanish water law
Director : Ángel María Ruiz de Apodaca Espinosa

  • Dina Lorena López Castillo

Teacher training in the use of information and communication technologies in the classroom (Guatemala)
Director : Rafael Alvira


  • Salvatore Moccia

The role of the business of good humour in an advanced perspective of organisational management.
Directors: Rafael Alvira and Tomás Trigo

  • Manuel Alcázar

Managerial decisions: an anthropological approach to the achievement of effectiveness and positive learning in organisations
Director : Miguel Alfonso Martínez- Echevarría

  • Lucio Roberto Lescano Duncan

Service orientation as core topic for middle management leadership training in service organisations - the case of the hotel sector.
Directors: Alejo Sison and Ricardo Mateo

  • Juan Bernardo Gaitán Quijano

Social equity as a new paradigm in business philosophy and management. Three significant experiences
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Juan Carlos Pacheco

Redesigning the scientific theory of work based on leadership competencies: a new perspective on standardisation
Director : Ricardo Mateo

  • Jary Leticia Méndez Maddaleno

The Constitution as a political process
Director : Montserrat Herrero
European Doctorate

  • José Ángel Brandín Lorenzo

La business buena: ideal práctica en un horizonte humanista (The good : practical ideal in a humanist horizon)
Director : Miguel Alfonso Martínez- Echevarría

  • Pablo José Otegui Paullier

The relationship between family and state in Chinese history: the great epochs
Director : Antonio Moreno Almárcegui

  • Raquel Felisa Sastre

Political representativeness. Determining factors in maintaining the cohesion of associative links: the case of the Argentine agricultural sector.
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Javier Ignacio Pinto

The Governance of business. Fundamentals of the relationship between knowledge and action in the governance of work in the business
Director : Joan Fontrodona


  • Fátima Pérez Berrios

State and Society as promoters of development. The human development as part of the common good
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Gastón Osvaldo Escudero Poblete

Stakeholder theory according to Ronald Edward Freeman
Director : Rafael Alvira

  • Mónica Beatriz Aranda

Enrique Shaw, Businessman, Humanist, Believer: An Intellectual Biography
Director : Jaume Aurell Cardona

  • Maria Alejandra Vanney

Freedom and the State in the political thought of Álvaro D'Ors
Director : Rafael Alvira
European Doctorate

  • Adeodato Orlando Neftalí de la Vega Luna

Corporate governance. Conflicts of interest due to duplication of roles.
Director : Rafael Alvira


  • Rafael Gómez Nava

Ownership and management participation in ten Mexican Stock Exchange companies
Director : Alejo Sison

  • Antoinette Kankindi Kagoyire

The Ethical Foundation of Politics in Charles Péguy
Director : Rafael Alvira
European Doctorate

  • Rafael Hurtado Domínguez

The role of fatherhood in the thought of Karol Wojtyla / John Paul II (1950- 1984)
Director : Juan Luis Lorda Iñarra

  • Juan González Pérez

MacIntyre and virtue education. An orientation for cultural transformation in the liberal university.
Director : Alejo Sison


  • Nahum Rafael De La Vega Morell

Dialectics and synthesis between skill- collaboration in the contemporary business in the thought of Carlos Llano Cifuentes
Director : Rafael Alvira


Current funded research projects


  • Funding Entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Co-funded by the European Union). 

  • reference letter: PID2021-124151NA-I00

  • Participating entities: University of Navarra, Northeastern University (USA), University of Florida (USA), Lut University (Finland), York University (Canada), Hec Montreal (Canada)

  • Duration: . Start date: 01/01/2022 End date: 31/12/24

  • Amount of the subsidy: 80.041,50€.

  • researcher/en manager/s: Dulce M. Redín and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach

  • issue of participating researchers: 13 full time from the university + 4 doctoral students + 5 international researchers + 1 international professional = 13 team from research + 10 team from work = 23 researchers

  • degree scroll from project: Metaphysical ethics of the affections. The modern genesis of the present

    Funding Entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation "Proyectos de Generación de knowledge 2021".
    Ref. of the project: PID 2021 12612333NB-100
    Participating Entities: University of Navarra
    Dates of execution: (3 years) from 01/09/2022 to 31/08/2025
    Amount of the subsidy: 33.880 €.
    researcher manager Raquel Lazaro
    issue of participating researchers: 21

  • project initial

reference letter: HAR2011-23570
researcher principal: Agustín González Enciso
degree scroll: Mobilization of resources for war and state building in the 18th century: Spain and its European context.
issue of researchers: 22 national and foreign
Center: School of Philosophy and Letters, University of Navarra.
Period: 2012-2014
Funding Entity: Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness.
Total awarded: 53,000 euros

  • Previous projects

degree scroll from project: War, State and Society. The mobilization of military resources in the construction of the Spanish monarchy in the 18th century. PGC2018-096194-B-I00
Funding Entity: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Government of Spain.
Participating Entities: University of Navarra
Duration: 3. Start date: 1-1-2019. End date: 31-12-2021.
Amount of the subsidy: 30,250 euros.
researcher managerRafael Torres Sánchez
issue of participating researchers: 13 

reference letterResearch Group: HAR2014-58542-P (Ministerio de Economics y Competitividad)
Principal Investigators: Jaume Aurell Cardona and Montserrat Herrero López
degree scrollResearchers: Jaume Cardona and Montserrat Herrero López : The forms of representation of power in the late medieval Iberian Peninsula: ceremonies, oaths and currencies.
issue of researchers: 6
Period: 2015-2017
Funding: IP. MINECO Plan Estatal de research. Projects research and development Excellence
Total awarded: 33,000 Euros

Title of the project: Religion and Civil Society 

  • Financing Entity: Institute for Culture and Society of the University of Navarra 

  • Period: 2016-2019 

  • Researcher in charge: Montserrat Herrero López 

  • Number of researchers: 15