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Objectives and competences

The main objectives of the doctoral program in Governance and Culture of Organisations are as follows:

  • The development of capacities at research in all matters related to the art of good governance.

  • The training of the leaders of organisations, both business and political, from an interdisciplinary and humanist perspective.

  • Promote the training of new university professors in disciplines related to the art of good governance.

The doctoral program is inspired by the idea that people who aspire to have managerial responsibilities in the different institutions of society almost without exception, after programs of study at university, attend programmes that offer training in organisational and managerial techniques. However, it is not easy to find one that has a profoundly humanistic and interdisciplinary approach, together with a solid scientific and philosophical basis. Since we are human beings in society, we have to know it in order to know ourselves: we have to know its unity and its diversity. Without a certain unity of knowledge the human being is lost. This means that without the link between different theoretical and practical knowledge, the development, both of the individual and of society, is very limited. The task, therefore, of any government is to generalise social unity so that each person finds his or her plenary session of the Executive Council development .


agreement The doctoral program Governance and Culture of Organisations, in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of RD 99/2011, guarantees the acquisition by the PhD student of basic competences, capacities and/or personal skills and, its project of doctoral dissertation, they must also acquire some of the specific competences associated with the development of the experimental work in which the project Thesis of the PhD student is framed.

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