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The Master in Theory and Architectural Design enables student to achieve excellence in the design of architectural projects and to study in depth the different currents of architectural thought, all guaranteed by a academic staff of a high academic and professional level .  

Aplicaciones anidadas

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20 years of experience

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20 years of experience

The Master in Theory and Architectural Design (MtDA) has a long history since its launch in 2000. Specialised rankings place it among the top programmes in the field of design and Architecture.

Throughout its history it has produced excellent professionals who have had an impact on its various geographical areas and who, in addition, have mainly been involved in teaching architectural projects.

The project Curriculum is a volume that brings together a selection of 32 architects from the Master's programme, alumni . They are architects from different countries who have stood out professionally on the Ibero-American scene after completing our programme.

Aplicaciones anidadas


Advanced level in architectural projects

The master's programme was born out of the social demand for progress in the quality and suitability of architecture as an immediate response to the challenges and requirements of today's society.

For this reason, the MtDA offers advanced training in the conception and design of architectural projects, in the theories that sustain it, the history that constructs it and the critique that allows speculation on its processes. At final, it offers this excellent intensification in the core of the practical and cultural-historical process of project architecture.

The goal is that the student manages to blur the operational and theoretical boundaries of the architectural project , the conceptual and the operational to integrate the speech propositive with the professional to achieve disciplinary excellence.

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Advanced level in architectural projects

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World-renowned professors

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World-renowned professors

Professors from the most renowned architecture schools in the world and architects with a proven professional career teach in the master's degree. The direct contact with these professors in tutorials and critical sessions is one of the main assets of the MtDA experience.

The small number of participants favours a close relationship with the professors -professionals and teachers of international prestige- and with the rest of the participants. The teaching staff is reflected in the programme's teaching staff.

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Professional network

Living the MtDA experience generates a bond between participants from different graduating classes that lasts over time. In addition, the direct contact with the professors is a unique opportunity to bring student closer to the personality and thinking of some of the most important names in architecture at an international level.

This intense academic experience in an international and intercultural context generates a professional network of contacts that allows the graduates of the master's degree to enter the labour market under unbeatable conditions of competitiveness and efficiency.

The School of Architecture has an internship exchange so that interested students can carry out extracurricular internships. These internships are carried out in selected national and international architecture studios and take place during the summer following the master's degree.

goal All of this with the aim of maintaining the high employability rate of the graduates of the University of Navarra, a university that is ranked number 1 in Spain and 71 in the world in terms of employability, according to the international QS 2020 Ranking.

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Professional network

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International experience


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Global vision and international experience

Today's world is immersed in an increasingly competitive, variable and demanding global economy, the effect of which is also evident in architecture. One of the main challenges facing the architect of the 21st century is to manage globalisation. For this reason, the master's programme offers student a comprehensive training with an international vision so that they acquire a professional profile that allows them to work in any country in the world.

  • The master's degree is bilingual. 50% of the subjects are taught in English.

  • International guest lect urers who teach and form part of the jury that assesses the students' work.

  • Two trips to cities or architectural destinations, one of them outside Spain. 

  • 85% of students are international.



Aplicaciones anidadas

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School of Architecture of Campus of the University of Navarra 

The building was built in 1978 by architects Carlos Sobrini, Eugenio Aguinaga and Rafael Echaide. It was expressly designed to teach and experience architecture from day one. The distribution of the open workshops allows students to breathe a creative and working atmosphere, which is enhanced by the connections between the different courses and academic staff.

The School is firmly established in the national and international environment. With more than 50 years of experience, it is the fourth oldest in Spain and has so far trained more than 3,000 architects.

Its experience and prestige, together with the search for excellence and innovation that characterise the University of Navarra, ensure that every year it is at the top of the academic rankings.


School of Architecture of Campus of the University of Navarra