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Qualifying Master's degree

The University Master's Degree in Architecture is an official master's degree whose goal is that the student acquires the necessary skills to obtain the title that enables the exercise of the profession of architect in Spain, of agreement with the rules and regulations that regulates it. It is aimed at graduates in Degrees of Architecture that give access to the qualifying master's degree (Order Edu/2075/2010).

In addition, with only 3 months more than the time needed to obtain the Master's Degree in Architecture, you can obtain a second official qualification, the Master's Degree in design and Environmental Management of Buildings or the Master's Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Business/Master in Real Estate, privileged areas for the incorporation of young architects.


What will you learn?

The Master's Degree in Architecture offers you a pathway to provide your professional profile with a clearly differential value, thanks to a training oriented towards quality professional practice, adapted to the new social, environmental and economic context and open to the international market.

The Master's Degree in Architecture synthesises professional knowledge around the project Final Degree which, through internships, workshops and training at business, will qualify you for the development of projects in a changing and global environment, where management skills will allow you to undertake complex and collaborative projects. 

The project Final Degree is developed from the beginning of the master's degree, in small groups, permanently advised by a personal tutor and three professors from department of Construction, Installations and Structures, reaching the level of a real executionproject .

In addition to the traditional knowledge in design and technical subjects, the master's degree adds a commitment to training in business to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation as well as leadership, social commitment and teamwork. result of all this is that you will have adequate training to meet the challenges imposed by a globalised and competitive business market.

With an eye on the immediate present and the near future, the master's degree is committed to adding to the technical and design training, knowledge of leadership and management that opens up a new horizon in the professional profile of student and which will be taught in collaboration with professors from the IESE Business School

The subjects of business, through the case method, are combined with others specific to the architecture sector, developed by professors from School of Architecture and other professionals with a prestigious and solid professional background.

The curricular internships, with a minimum duration of three months, are the start of a future career in the service of urban planning and building projects executed with technical rigour, sustainable awareness and social responsibility.

As it is an official master's degree, it enables you to study for a doctorate at entrance .

Aplicaciones anidadas

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Recruiting Day

The Recruiting Day is held annually at campus in Madrid, a workshop where the companies collaborating with the Master's programmes interview candidates with a view to incorporating students with profiles that are suitable for the tasks they perform and the business philosophy into their workforces.

Aplicaciones anidadas

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What does it bring to our students?

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