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With a student-faculty ratio of 2:1, students and professors can develop close and lasting relationships. The University of Navarra Law School's"open door" tradition at School encourages students to turn to their professors to ask questions, discuss work or seek advice on career goals.

The academic staff is made up of professional experts in the field of law. They come from the School Law School, IESE Business School and foreign universities, as well as from the State Tax Inspectorate, law firms, consultancies and legal advisors of leading companies. All of them are renowned experts in the subject they teach and are recognised in their professional field.

In order to ensure the coherence of the programme, as well as to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the praxis professor, all professors attend annually the School of Teaching Practice organised by the School Law School in collaboration with IESE Business School.

The result of this process of choosing and training teachers is a faculty that is excellent in every way.

Profesores e invitados

Teachers and guests

Daniel Rodríguez Galve | Conflict Rules and International Contracts

Natalia López Condado | Regulated Sectors

Ignacio Ramos | Regulated Sectors

Idoya Fernández : Company Law

Cristóbal Cotta : Financing and Guarantee Contracts

Diana Rivera : business Familiar

Jaime Rodríguez Correa : VAT

Javier Badiola : Regulated Sectors

Manuel Desantes : Industrial Property and Unfair skill

Ruth Sánchez : Industrial Property and skill Unfair

Javier Fernández Lasquetty : Industrial Property and skill Unfair

Pedro Saturio : Industrial Property

Antonio Castán : Industrial Property

Colm Ahern : Industrial Property and skill Unfair

Almudena Ollero : IRPF

Bárbara Pardo | IRPF

Manuel G. Tarrío Berjano - State Lawyer and Notary | Notary and Registries

Begoña Uriarte - EU IP Office - Defence of the European Union- EU IP Office skill

Diego Vicente : Credit Protection

Eduardo Santamaria : Credit Protection

Ignacio Paz : Regulated Sectors

Paulino Fajardo : Insurance Contracts

Milagros Sanz | Insurance Contracts

Gonzalo Gállego | Regulated Sectors

Emilio Gómez Delgado | Real Estate Law


Roberto Sánchez : Regulated Sectors

Juan Alberto Díaz López : Economic Crime

Pablo Enrile : Promotion, Collaboration and Exchange Contracts

Víctor Artola : Promotion, Collaboration and Exchange Contracts

Victoria Von Richetti | Corporate taxation

Beatriz García : Public Sector Contracts

Carmina Rodríguez de la Rua | StockMarket

Javier Carvajal | Mercado de Valores

Pedro Fernández : Securities Market

Paula de Biase : StockExchange

Gerard Pérez Olmo : Defence ofthe skill

Román Gil Alburquerque | RRLL

Carlos López-Quiroga : Transport Contracts

Luz Martínez de Azcoitia : Transport Contracts

Christian Hoedl | Venture Capital

Carlos de Cárdenas | Transmission of Companies

José Félix Zaldívar de la Rica : Transmission of Companies

Rafael García Llaneza : Transfer of Companies and Company Restructuring

Antonio Guerra : Business Transmission

Jorge Gorostegui : Business Transmission

Leticia López Lapuente : Information Society and E-Commerce

Pablo González Espejo : Information Society and E-Commerce

Manuel Ángel López : Company Law

Mª Amparo Salvador | Public Administration Liability

Xavier Basozábal | Contractual and Extracontractual Liability

Aurelio López Tarruella - University of Alicante | Industrial Property and Unfair skill

Pedro Bueso - University of Zaragoza | Commercial Distribution and Consumer Protection Contracts

Carlos Lorenzo - BBVA Legal Advisory Services | Banking Contracts and Banking Securities

Antonio Creus : Defence of the skill

Ana Valiente - Legal Director of Avis Budget Group for Spain, Portugal and Italy | Legal Defence skill

Juan Tomás Rodríguez - Prof. at the School of Legal Practice | RRLL