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specialization with Double Master's Degree

The student can take the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession and Procurement at the same time as the Master's Degree in Law of business, which are all accredited official degrees.

With these programs of study, on the one hand, the student acquires the degree scroll required for the practice of the profession and, on the other hand, specialises. As result, their profile is more attractive on the labour market.



Internships managed by the Internship Service and the employment

The Internship Service and employment is dedicated, on the one hand, to generate opportunities through the continuous contact with the most relevant law firms and, on the other hand, to provide students with the necessary training to take advantage of them. In addition, students interact on a daily basis with professionals who have a high hiring power.

In addition, the Study program includes external internships aimed at giving the student first-hand experience of professional practice by putting the knowledge acquired throughout the programme's teaching period into practice at internship .

The internships are evaluated by a team of internal and external tutors. The Human Resources managers of the institutions in which the students carry out their internships ensure the proper selection and integration of the students in the firm, paying special attention to their performance during the internship and to the adaptation of the students to their respective teams.

Additional training

The Study program includes 6 ECTS credit oriented towards the management of professional services firms. These subjects were designed in partnership with professors from IESE Business School and have the goal that the student know the business realities not only from a legal perspective, but also from the perspective of senior management.