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Nested applications





On-site fortnight

In the subject "Contextualization of Family Law" students will receive an intensive training multidisciplinary , in order to contextualize the family phenomenon within the history, social reality and legal-philosophical approaches that allow to understand the current evolution of Family Law and outline the main lines of its future projection. It will be given at campus in Pamplona and Madrid, and the teaching will be completed with sessions in professional offices and in public and private institutions that work on family issues.



The rest of the teaching will be online, combining the individual work of student on the materials provided through the Master's Degree platform with the attendance online classes, in which the practical cases presented to the students will be solved and the most relevant issues in each subject will be discussed in depth. The online classes will take place on Thursdays, from 18:00 to 20:30 (Spanish time), and will be the only times when the student must be present synchronously.



The professors will be available to the students on a weekly basis to solve doubts or to comment on aspects related to the subject. These tutorials, in "Open Office" format, will be held through the Master's Degree platform.

Nested applications

Nested applications




training 360º

Discover the advantages of a interdisciplinary program on family protection and conflict resolution. The program offers a complete and updated vision of a field subject to constant legislative changes, from a legal point of view and from a public policy perspective.

Learn from the hand of professors and university professors, experts in different areas of Family Law; and professionals who provide an eminent perspective internship, the result of the experience they manage day to day in the offices.

Nested applications

Nested applications



The Master's Degree in Family Law is presented as an annual online program with a system that allows, on the one hand, to make the training compatible with professional practice. On the other hand, it is structured in three differentiated modules, module and two of specialization, which allow the option of taking the program partially.



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