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Nested applications

Nested applications


Master's Degree in Family Law

  • Contextualization of Family Law -3 ECTS credit-
  • Current issues in family law -3 ECTS credit-
  • Legal dimension of horizontal family relationships -3 ECTS credit-
  • Substantive and procedural aspects of family breakups -6 ECTS credit-
  • Legal protection of minors -6 ECTS credit- 
  • Criminal protection of the family -3 ECTS credit-
  • Public policies and family -3 ECTS credit- 
  • Imperativeness and will in the economic organization of marriage and stable partnerships -3 ECTS credit- 
  • Specific matrimonial property regimes - 6 ECTS credit-
  • Protection mechanisms of the business family -3 ECTS credit-
  • Property protection and staff of persons with disabilities -3 ECTS credit- 
  • Ordering of the succession mortis causa -3 ECTS credit- 
  • Common and foral limits to the exercise of the freedom of disposition mortis causa -6 ECTS credit-
  • Marriage and couple crises with an international element -3 ECTS credit- 
  • International child protection -6 ECTS credit-
  • Economics matrimonial property and inheritance with international element -6 ECTS credit-
  • The family before the UN and other international organizations -3 ECTS credit-
  • The protection of the family in the European system -3 ECTS credit-
  • The protection of the family in the Inter-American system -3 ECTS credit-
  • work End of Master's Degree -9 ECTS credit-

Nested applications


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