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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


The study of the family is the study of an essential dimension of the person and of an institution core topic for the effective functioning of social life. Although the reality of the family pre-exists the Law and is linked to the nature of the human being, the fact is that both the social perception of what the family is and the way of regulating typical family institutions today has very little to do with that which presided over the codifying phenomenon. 

Family law is currently based on new principles and values and its evolution must be known by the jurist, who must master its positive regulation but also be able to critically evaluate the legal solutions in force. 

This Master's Degree aims to address the family reality from an international and legal multidisciplinarity perspective, providing student with the technical knowledge and tools necessary both to apply the law to solve practical problems and to judge the coherence and adequacy of legal solutions.

Aplicaciones anidadas


What will you learn?

The degree scroll offers you a specialized knowledge on Family Law, from a legal and jurisprudential perspective and from a public policy perspective.

It is a training multidisciplinary from different fields of law: Civil Law, Procedural Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Human Rights and International Law.


Professional projection

The protection of the family is subject to a constant transformation and social discussion that requires specialized professionals in the subject and that apply this knowledge in their professional performance, either in the framework of professional offices or companies, or from public institutions. 

In addition, the official nature of degree scroll enables those who complete the Master's Degree to carry out programs of study of doctorate in subject of Family Law.