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Students rotate through the University's pilot scale drug manufacturing facility with the goal to acquire the practical knowledge specific to the development of all the steps involved in the design and manufacturing of drugs in a pharmaceutical industry.

The work plan is organized so that students, divided into small groups, rotate through the areas comprising pilot scale manufacturing: design and development galenic, manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance and biotech drugs.

→ The duration is 625 hours, more than 25% of the total training of Master's Degree.

The Pilot Plant has 400 m2 distributed as follows:
→ area for solids
→ area for semi-solids
→ area for liquids
→ area for injectables
→ area for biotechnological drugs, and lyophilized products
→ laboratory for development and Quality Control
→ laboratory of development Galenic of exclusive use for the students of Master's Degree with the necessary equipment for the realization of the Technical Projects of development

Starting in June, the student will carry out professional internships in the pharmaceutical industry, where they will internship and perfect the knowledge acquired in the School. These internships are in accordance with agreement of each of the pharmaceutical laboratories that offer positions. 

At the end of the internship, the student must submit a report of the activities carried out. This report is supervised by the tutor assigned at business and must respect the signed confidentiality contract. 

Characteristics: 100% of the internships managed in recent years have been remunerated.

Duration: 1,000 hours.

subject from business: drug manufacturing laboratories.

Location: national


Internships students 21-22


Collaborating companies: