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What will you learn?

- To develop and manufacture medicines and pharmaceutical products on an industrial scale at agreement in accordance with the legislation in force and the advances in science and technology.

- To be responsible for the industrial organisation, monitoring and control of drug manufacturing processes and to coordinate the whole of Departments involved in manufacturing.

- Ensure the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicines.

- Assess that each batch of medicinal products is manufactured, controlled and stored in accordance with the law and the terms of the marketing authorisation.

- Coordinate and manage the release of each batch of medicinal products, certified for conformity and quality by appropriate documents and records.

- To know the appropriate design of industrial plants and to promote their update and renovation, as well as the modernisation and maintenance of premises and equipment.

- Apply quality by design in the manufacture of medicines in relation to Public Health and promote the rational use of medicines.

- Learn how to prepare and approve the technical documentation generated during the development of a medicinal product that allows its approval by the health authorities.


- training theoretical: work sessions with time for discussion and resolution of practical cases related to the theoretical knowledge under study.

- Rotations in the pilot drug manufacturing plant: students perform internships for 625 hours in small groups rotating in 6 areas: design galenic, development galenic, conventional drug production, quality control, quality assurance, biotech drug manufacturing.

- work end of Master's Degree: managed by a tutor who precisely monitors the needs of student and its performance.

- Paid internships in the pharmaceutical industry nationwide. Starting in June, the student will carry out professional internships in the pharmaceutical industry, where it will put on internship and perfect the knowledge acquired in the School.

- schedule (PDF)

The profile of the students is that of graduates in Pharmacy whose professional vocation is the design galenic and manufacturing in pharmaceutical or related industries. 

- Director técnico en industria farmacéutica y afines/Qualified person

- Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS)

- public administration sanitary

- design galenic and formulation

- development galenic

- Manufacture of drugs and related products

- Quality Control

- Quality Assurance

- Distribution and logistics


report from employment rate 21-23

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