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What will you learn?

- To develop and manufacture medicines and pharmaceutical products on an industrial scale at agreement in accordance with the legislation in force and the advances in science and technology.

- To be responsible for the industrial organisation, monitoring and control of drug manufacturing processes and to coordinate the whole of Departments involved in manufacturing.

- Ensure the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicines.

- Assess that each batch of medicinal products is manufactured, controlled and stored in accordance with the law and the terms of the marketing authorisation.

- Coordinate and manage the release of each batch of medicinal products, certified for conformity and quality by appropriate documents and records.

- To know the appropriate design of industrial plants and to promote their update and renovation, as well as the modernisation and maintenance of premises and equipment.

- Apply quality by design in the manufacture of medicines in relation to Public Health and promote the rational use of medicines.

- Learn how to prepare and approve the technical documentation generated during the development of a medicinal product that allows its approval by the health authorities.


- Modify Rotations in the drug manufacturing pilot plant: Students perform internships for 625 hours in small groups rotating in 6 areas: 

- design galenic

- development galenic

- Production of conventional drugs

- Quality control

- Quality assurance

- Manufacture of biotechnological drugs

- schedule (PDF)

The profile of student is graduate in Pharmacy with professional vocation in the design galenic and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical or related industries.

    - Director Technician in Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Devices or other related industries

    - Inspector of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS)

- department of development Galenic

- Quality Assurance Units

- department of Quality Control

- department of Manufacturing

- Regulatory Affairs


report from employment rate 20-22

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