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The Biomechanicsarea encompasses the study of biofluid dynamics and the design and analysis of orthopedic implants and scaffolds. Mathematical modeling, numerical or computer simulation, experimental analysis and biofluid and/or structural optimization are investigated.

The research in biofluid dynamics includes, for example, the numerical study of the relationship between hemodynamics and thrombus training in abdominal aortic aneurysms, the numerical and experimental study of flow patterns and pressures in arteries, the study of the influence of hemodynamic and geometric parameters during hepatic radioembolization, and the design of catheters.

On the structural side, work is being done on implants, prostheses and orthopedic scaffolds to treat complex bone defects. For this purpose, the mechanical behavior of cellular materials is studied, which are porous Structures that are gaining interest thanks to the developments in Additive Manufacturing. It should be noted that the team has a metal 3D printer with which to manufacture customized implants.




Raúl Antón Remírez

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension 842413

Jorge Aramburu

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension 2593

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Naiara Rodríguez

Professor Contratada Doctora and Ikerbasque Research Fellow


+34 943 219877 Extension 842474

Sergio Ruiz de Galarreta

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Ext. 842573

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Reduan Asbai Ghoudan

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842483

Domenico Giannetto

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842579

Unai Lertxundi

PhD Student


Asier López Barberena

Technician laboratory


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842416

Juan Ignacio Villarón Baz

Technician laboratory


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842530




Bernardo Hontanilla

Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Clinica Universidad de Navarra

+34 948 255 400

Jose María Lamo de Espinosa

Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

University of Navarra Clinic

+34 948 255 400

Macarena Rodríguez-Fraile

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Clinica Universidad de Navarra

+34 948 255 400

Bruno Sangro

Internal Medicine Specialist

Clinica Universidad de Navarra

+34 948 255 400