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About us

Teaching, Research and Transfer are the three lines of activity of the University of Navarra. Tecnun, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra, has promoted the three lines of activity in the field of Biomedical Engineering by integrating them into the Biomedical Engineering Centre in collaboration with groups and centres of the Campus of the University of Navarra in Pamplona.

In the field of teaching Tecnun was a pioneer with the first Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering in Spain in 2007. Today, more than 200 students are trained each year at discipline.

The activity professor is carried out by staff professor researcher whose field of scientific activity is developed in collaboration with research groups of Schools, of the CIMA of the University of Navarra, the Clínica Universidad de Navarrathe Nutrition Research Centre, and with other health centres, scientists and national and international companies.


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Origins of the CBIO

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Since their beginnings, the Schools of Medicine, Science and Pharmacy have had a close relationship with each other due to the common nature of some disciplines.

Some Departments are common to all three Schools; and their buildings, adjacent to each other, can be found at campus in Pamplona. This relationship naturally extends to the Clínica Universidad de NavarraThis relationship naturally extends to the University, both in the practical training of students and in the development of cutting-edge lines of research.

Throughout the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, a natural synergy has gradually developed between the activities of campus in San Sebastian and Pamplona. This collaboration is reflected in the jointdevelopment of research lines and projects in biomedical areas, such as bioinformatics, biosensors, implant-oriented micro-mechanics, biomaterials, analysis and treatment of medical images, etc.

This synergy has been decisively influenced by the initiative of researchers and the creation of the Centre for Applied Medical Research at campus in Pamplona (CIMA) and the extension in 2003 of campus in San Sebastian with a 7800 m2 building, located in the Miramón Technology Park, dedicated to cutting-edge technologies in the field of communications, electronics and micro and nanosystems. 


Organisation and financing

 Organisation and financing

The Biomedical Engineering Centre of the University of Navarra was created to embrace and combine know-how and synergic capacities from the technological and biomedical fields of the Campus in San Sebastian and Pamplona.

Its scientific organization chart is flexible and responds to the needs and opportunities of the biomedical field.

As can be seen in the section of areas of research As can be seen at knowledge , the different medical, bio logical and pharmaceutical specialities are combined with different areas of in technology, thus forming multidisciplinary teams with a common goal : to generate valuable solutions to problems or needs in the biomedical field.

Funding for research projects comes from a variety of sources, as is usual at the University of Navarra: the University's own funds, companies and competitive public research funding programmes (regional, national and European governments).

The Research Management Service and the scientific and general management coordinators work to facilitate the development of the projects in organisational, financial, scientific, commercial and transfer aspects.