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Tissue Engineering is a field of Bioengineering closely linked to Regenerative Medicine, whose main objective is tissue regeneration through the combination of biomaterials, chemical factors and cells. goal . Particularly the study of biomaterials, either for the generation of tissue constructs or as a means to release chemical factors plays a fundamental role in the development of new therapeutic strategies.

The research team has a strong multidisciplinary character combining complementary approaches for development projects, such as engineering, medicine and biology. Some of these interests include the study of the influence of mechanical and morphological characteristics on the development of cellular constructs and on the modulation of cell behavior, the analysis of diffusion or degradation processes of biomaterials for tissue regeneration, or the development of culture platforms or bioreactors.

Some of the lines of research of this team are as follows:

  • programs of study Morphological and mechanical characterization of tissues to understand their development and pathological processes. Including cellular and extracellular characterization at macro and microscopic scales.

  • development of synthetic or natural polymeric supports (scaffolds) for the generation of engineered tissue constructs and their characterization. Includes

  • The development of computational models of fabrics for the simulation of processes by finite element analysis of their behavior.

  • Generation of culture systems capable of recreating physiological conditions to develop tissues in vitro. Includes bioreactors, culture media,

  • Microfluidic systems, etc., with the capacity to monitor and evaluate the development of the cultures.

  • development of biomaterials including micro and nanoparticles, micro and nanofibers, hydrogels, and other combinations for the generation of scaffolds,

  • Injectable products, etc. in tissue regeneration applications or new treatments.

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Javier Aldazábal Mensa

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842921

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Jacobo Paredes Puente

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842972

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Ana Sancho Erkizia

Professor Contratada Doctora


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842898

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Frank Jeyson Hernández

Ikerbasque Research Associate


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842811

Norma Camila Vesga Castro



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842989

Leire Murillo Larrey

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842928

Giorgia Prosperi

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842997

Andres Felipe Zemanate Largo

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842964




María Blanco Prieto


School of Pharmacy and Nutrition

+34 948 425600 (Ext: 806519)

Manuel Mazo Vega

researcher of the Regenerative Medicine Program


+34 948 194 700 | Ext. 81 1023

Carlos Ortiz de Solórzano Aurusa

Senior Researcher, Solid Tumors and Biomarkers Program


+34 948 194 700 | Ext. 81 5019