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Aplicaciones anidadas





This comprehensive formative project is conceived as a process of reflection and improvement of the professional preparation that the University of Navarra offers its students. Along with the necessary professional and scientific knowledge, it is important that students develop the qualities that will make them responsible citizens, with depth of thought, critical spirit and international perspective, capable of understanding their work as a service to others.

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Aplicaciones anidadas

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"The University of Navarra has from its beginnings an explicit purpose of service, and aspires to contribute to the material and moral improvement of society. to contribute to the material and moral improvement of society. This characteristic invites to know and respond to social problems and needs in fields related to its activity professor and research."

(Point 7, statement of core values University of Navarra)


The professional identity describes the traits that characterize the student of the University of Navarra. They are composed of the set of knowledge, skills and aptitudes that are intended promote in our teaching. 

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The learningmodel is made up of the set of all the actions and strategies of content professor and student support, coordinated and carried out to achieve the professional identity defined in each of the Degrees. It takes into account both curricular activities and informal or extracurricular activities.

The backbone of the learning model of each of the Degrees is a single comprehensive training project that is structured:

  • in a Study program of Degree, oriented to the basic acquisition of professional identity. It is made up of modules, subjects and subjects.
  • in an informal setting, which supports and strengthens it. For example, a Study program of an Outreach Program at Degree or other extracurricular activities.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas

Objetivos del proyecto




By June 2025, each center of the University of Navarra must prepare a document that explicitly describes for each of its degrees Degree, both the professional identity of its graduates and the learning model defined to achieve it.

As result of work conducted in schools and Schools it is expected that:

  1.  Each one of the Degrees has a formative project that guides the educational task of each center.

  2.  This formative project is explicitly set out in a document known and shared by all. 

  3.  The learning experience of the students is more explicitly focused on the contribution that our graduates can make to society through their profession.

  4.  To promote the culture professor of the University of Navarra, oriented to the common good through a climate of dialogue and partnership among all its members.

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  • Universitas Commission: 

    • The Universitas Commission is composed of members of the Quality and Innovation Service and the Institute Core Curriculum. Its mission statement is promote the framework of work that drives the definition and implementation of the professional identity and learning models in each Degree of the University. 

  • Commissions of teaching: 

    • The Commission of teaching is the delegated organ of the board Directive of the Center for the analysis of the teaching of its official programs of study of Degree, the development of projects for the improvement professor and the establishment and update of its model of learning.